OP: Male Yeast Infection?

I didn't know I could get a male yeast infection. But one session in a hot basement, and BAM! So the doctors told me that's what it is. Thing is, I forgot to ask questions while I was there...I was busy thinking "Sweet...it isn't the hiv!" What I do know is that I got it from my girlfriend, I only got moderate symptoms about a week after intercourse, I was wearing a condom, and I got medical attention as soon as the symptoms surfaced.

SO! I have a few quesions, and I need some advice. Mostly from Brandye. Mostly because she's my favourite fountain of sexual information.

1) If I was wearing a condom, how could I have managed to contract yeast?

2) Doc says it'll be about 3-4 days on topical cream before it's gone. Does "gone" mean me and my girlfriend can start having sex again? Or is that just going to get rid of the painful uriation and hideous red ring?

3) If she has yeast...which I can only assume she does at this point...how long does that take to subside with/without antibiotics? I'm not sure if there's a discrepancy in gender there or what.

4) If you were me, how would you ward off her protective mother who now thinks I'm a jiggolo? Anyone can give me advice on that.

Anyway, thanks Brandye! And everyone...you know...for the help.

Peace, love


Posted: 28 Sep 08:19


The organism usually referred to as yeast is almost always present on everyone's body. It is when it gets out of control that it causes problems. As long as the symptoms last and you are still medicating avoid sex or, at least, use a condom. It is possible while you are both treating to pass it back and forth.

If she uses over the counter treatment, she needs only a few doses inserted into the vagina. Different brands call for different applications. This is nothing to upset her mother. Women, and sometimes men, develop various fungal infections whether or not they are sexually active.

With respect to the "gone" await her treatment so that it is "gone" in both of you. You can share yeast outside the area of the condom but it grows in damp areas.


Posted: 28 Sep 08:19

Thanks for the help!



Posted: 28 Sep 08:19

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