OP: Masturbating too much! help!

I'm 20 years old and I just can't seem to stop or slow down with masterbating. I started when i was around 13 and has been often a 3-5 times a day.i've had a girlfriend that i have been with for 2 years and i don't orgasm often when we are having sex.(i can finish myself off most of the time for her). Also I have noticed a major loss of sencitivity in my orgasms since i was about 16 and my pleasure rate has been declining. I often try to stop for 2 or 3 days then when i go to have sex with my girlfriend i can't complete at all?
Its not like I have a ton of time on my hands eather, i'm a full time college student and run my own small business.
I just can't seem to get up in the morning without doing it, or go to sleep with out it, and i can't relax untill i complete.

Can anyone help me? Is there any medical aspects to the decline in pleasure? Should I try to slow down my actions?


Posted: 02 Oct 20:03


basically the decrease in sensitivity is your body becoming accustomed to the feel of the masturbation, which makes it less intense. This is also likely why you are having trouble orgasming with your girlfriend. You have become accustomed to this one way of orgasming, so a new way is just not doing it for you. I'm guessing you probably stroke rather fast when masturbating, and that speed is hard to match while engaging in sexual intercourse.

I am currently trying to deal with the same problem you are. The first time I was able to orgasm from sex it was because my girlfriend kept prodding me to go faster until finally i was at about the speed a rabbit humps, and was able to orgasm. I tried abstaining from masturbation for a bit, and found it much easier to cum from sex. Unfortunately I am currently also having that problem where it just doesn't feel right if i don't masturbate; this campus is full of extremely hot women, and i just feel like i'll burst if i don't masturbate at least once a day.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:03

Hmmm...this one is tough (no pun intended!).

I think 3-5 times a day, EVERY day is excessive strain on your penis, even though you're in your prime. I used to masturbate for hours at a time during the day at 21-22, but I did that every week or two, certainly not daily.

Could be your body's way of telling you to slow it down. I went through a period a couple of years ago when I used sex as a crutch for the pressures of work. I'd come home furious and frustrated, and hit the porn feeling very angry. I got into some EXTREMELY rough masturbating practices. Had to go on tablets to repair the traumatised tissue near the base.

I feel for you, I really do; I know what it is to be surrounded by SO much tantalising, hot flesh; it's not easy at 35 to restrain myself, Christ knows it must be nearly impossible at 20. I know you're drowning in your own semen, so was I.

Go to the doctor, Amiltryptelene can lower your libido somewhat, with the secondary effect of making you drowsy, that should allow you to sleep without having to whack off first.

Best of luck,


Posted: 02 Oct 20:04

HI Freddie! Thanks for your post!

Ok, here's my dime-store psych input.....and belive it or not, i think i know exactly how you feel!

I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with the frequecny of masturbation,how tight u sqeeze your cock, inablity to cum during intercourse, etc.......it's because you have used your ORGASM as a source of stress release!

Yep. It's a proven fact that the body releases endorphans prior to, and during orgasm. With your class load, studies, and work, you've come to rely on the endorphans from masturbating to help you calm down, sleep, relax and get rid of the stress.

Now, my only counsel to you is that you SHOULD look for other ways to relive your stress. Go to the gym, start running, play a video game,....but you should start to add an alternative way to relive your stress besides masturbation.

My gut tells me this is just an issue of circumstance in your life rightnow. The sex u have with your GF is such that you're acutally ADDING MORE STRESS on yourself because you aren't cumming during sex...and this in turn makes you want to fall back on the old standby-masturbation.

So, try to find some other things that will help offset your stress besides masturbation. As long as jerking off is the only source for stress relief, you're going to struggle with this till your life situation changes. (ie: you fall madly in love with somoene, school's over, etc).


Posted: 02 Oct 20:05

I'm 20 years old and I just can't seem to stop or slow down with masterbating. I started when i was around 13 and has been often a 3-5 times a day.i've had a girlfriend that i have been with for 2 years and i don't orgasm often when we are having sex. I often masterbrate myself when i alone at home seriously i feel so relaxed and stress free. I found the best porn videos at top porn site by https://toppornsites.org/

Posted: 14 Jun 09:22

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