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Hi, I am a lesbian (or bi) girl and I am just wondering who is for or against incest. Myself and my gf both have a brother (mine is 3 years older and hers is a twin) and I also have a sister (2 years younger) and we have included them when we have had sex. I have had sex with my brother and sister (not always together) several time's over the year's and so has my gf so we are both the same.

Who else has had sex (or any sexual act's) with their sibling's??

Also what is your view on incest and why??

Posted: 15 Mar 02:02


Whoa, bit of a hornets nest that. The reason incest is frowned upon and not legal is that any pregnancy would give birth to a child with increased risk of dissabilities due to how genetics works in our type of society that has chosen to mix it up. The other way of doing it is a tightly related society where all of the bad genes have been bred out as the only babies to survive from a tightly related society are the ones with no genetic defects including recessive ones.

Posted: 19 Mar 17:56

Hi Thunderchild, I don't know why you are talking about babies etc, I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT STARTING A FAMILY we are all protected against that sort of thing. Yes we do have sexual intercourse etc but there is no baby making between us

Posted: 26 Mar 18:40

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