OP: Anal Sex Toy Intro

Anal Sex Toy Intro
Anal sex play might not be for everyone, but those who dare - win! Read our article on Anal Intercourse - Beginners to get lots of information & ideas on how to fully explore this area.

Read on for information on some great toys that you can add to your toolbox to really spice up your anal play ... relax, lubricate & enjoy!

Anal Beads
Beads appeal to a wide variety of people and are a popular choice for anal play. Beads consist of a series of silicone, jelly or plastic spheres attached together by a cord. They are inserted one by one into the vagina or anus, and then slowly removed creating pleasurable sensations. A great application is using them to stimulate a man’s prostate gland right at the peak of orgasm. This extra stimulation will take a man from cloud 9 to cloud 99, as long as he is ok with the idea.

Anal Plugs
Anal Dildos are specifically designed for anal use. They are distinguishable from most other dildos because they usually have a larger base or a cord, so they do not get lost in the anus – not so amusing if it happens to you! If you plan to use a dildo anally, we would recommend getting one that is designed for that purpose, to avoid an embarrassing trip to the doctor. These include anything from somewhat normal dildos all the way to butt plugs. Available in many shapes and sizes, anal plugs generally look like a chubby dildo. Larger models can be quite intimidating, so if you want to try them out, we suggest getting a smaller model or a kit.

Anal Vibrators
Anal Vibrators come in several forms: a traditional vibrator, a stick of beeds, or plug . Whatever the shaft is designed to resemble, the important factor is that the base is flared, or that it is attached to a retrieval cord. The flare or the cord will prevent your erotic evening from becoming a nightmare, culminating in a trip to the local hospital emergency room. Nothing life threatening, but they might have to work a bit to remove the vibrating apparatus from your rectum.

Anal Kits
With so much variety, it’s difficult to choose a product when you know what you like, let alone when you are just starting out. Luckily, there are kits you can buy that come with several types of vibrators, a few sleeves of various shapes and sizes to put over the vibrators, and some lubricant. Larger kits include different products like blindfolds, beads, paddles, cuffs, and much more. Buying the kit can not only save you money, but expose you to new products so you can further explore your sexuality.

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