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It is my intent for this post to take away the angst the typical boy has concerning the size of his penis and whether or not it is large enough to please his (potential) partner. Please do not extend this thread by telling the world how large you are; please post this or other comments on the Penis Size 101 thread.

Here's a peat and yet another repeat on the matter of size to add to what has become quite a collection. This question is one of the most asked and by making this information a "Sticky post" I hope that those who choose to ask will find their answer here, first, before posting yet another thread--and not doing their "homework" and looking around the Board, first. For those wishing to respond to others about all this, you can reference this message, rather than typing a lengthy response.

Let us begin with "the long and the short of it".
First, the short story for those not interested in a long disertation:

* "Normal" is a range.
* The range varies depending upon ethnicity and genetics
* Size changes as a boy grows and matures. As we all begin
developing at different ages size vs. age is really meaningless
* What should matter to you more than size is that your
penis is fully functional and that you have researched and
learned how to use it to please your partner. In other words,
that you have become a knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate,
lover in all other aspects of making love, also.

Now for the long version:

First, boys begin to mature at different ages. There are "early bloomers" and "late bloomers" as well as those of us who just fall in the middle somewhere. Certainly you've seen 14 y/o boys in the eighth--ninth grades who are six feet tall and strapping, and then the 15 y/o who looks to be about 11. The size of a developing penis during the early teen years is not very meaninful. What is is the size at nineteen after the penis has finished developing.

Ethnicity and genetics play important rolls in determining what the eventual size of a penis will be. In general, Black males tend to come equipped with the largest endowment, whereas men of Mongoloid stock and related indigenous peoples tend to have the smallest genitals. Caucasian males occupy the middle range of what is considered "normal". So, we ask, "what is 'normal'"?

This is a range, not a specific number on a tape measure. Normal is any length over ~4.25 inches. When a person of mixed heritage takes a measurement he might find his penis to be slightly over or under what is typical for a particular ethnicity. (To measure the length of your penis, simply lay a metal or cloth tape measure along the top surface from abdomen to the tip of the Glans.)

Size does not matter to most women, this is a "guy thing" that takes some enlightenment to get beyond. What matters to women is that the penis be fully functional and that the owner operator knows how to use it in loving, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and imaginative ways. If you want to become a great lover, then learn how to acquire and apply the above information.

What is typically a "gal thing" and of importance to her is that she considers the penis to be a combination throttle and brake through which she controls her man's speed of arousal and progress toward Nirvana and an eventual climax; therefore, the penis need only be large enough for her to adequately grasp! Depending upon how she grasps and manipulates the penis, she can speed up or slow down her partner's progress toward a climax. She can also tease AND TANTALIZE him and drive him wild with anticipation, expectation, desire, and passion.

Size is important because a lot of women enjoy the feeling of fullness they experience when a man is inside. Apparently, it does not take much to accomplish this because the vaginal vault is rather devoid of sensation.

OP: DancingDoc2 01/15/2007

Posted: 23 Sep 04:25


Since I have a micro penis AM threatened by guys with bigger ones. Fear not pleasing my woman.

Posted: 26 Dec 11:49

Also find that it shrinks with age.

Posted: 26 Dec 11:56

if size isnt important, why is porn obsessed with big black cocks?

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