OP: Smelly white goo when going down on her....

Ok....there is a question that i would like answered please.

I go down on my g/f occationally but most times i get down there she is a little smelly and has a white goo there which is just like watery flour or dough.

I love her and i fell bad because she goes down on me often but i know im clean and i look after my old mate.

What is this stuff she has and what can she and i do about it?

Please Help


Posted: 30 Sep 21:30


I'm sure the lady members can speak in MORE specific terms, but suffice it to say, as long as she's not experiencing any pain in urination or anything else medically, i'm sure its just normal secretions from within the vagina. My xwife used to have the same thing, and it wasn't a Yeast infection or a urinary tract infection, but, i made it clear that when i saw that secretion, it was not as pleasureable for me.

From that point on, my xwife used to douch regularly and stopped using tissues when using the bathroom and instead used baby wipes!

Talk to her! Don't be embarassed!


Posted: 30 Sep 21:31

What does she smell like though?
Just sweaty, or fishy, musty and stale.
If She's not fresh out of the shower it could be a variety of things. Maybe she was hot earlier in the day and its just stale sweat. Mens scrotoms arent daisy fresh after a long day.
If shes sick she'll know it more than likely, if shes not sick then maybe just try doing it in the tub or shower- or always shower first. Make it fun ...as foreplay.
Or you could always bring it up to her, kindly.
Be delicate though.
Live life.
Good luck.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:33

I would say that if it happens a lot for her to see her gynacologist there may be a problem


Posted: 30 Sep 21:33

thanks very much !


Posted: 30 Sep 21:33

It's most likely smegma, a white cheesy like substance that is perfectly natural but it does need daily cleaning. She should spread her lips widely and wipe using a moistened wipe or wet washcloth. Also be sure she pulls the hood of the clitoris back to clean there also. Better still, why don't you assist her. And men, particularly uncircumsized, also has it, so she could return the favor.

Posted: 04 Oct 00:33

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