OP: 18 new positions to bring in 2018

The 18 new sex positions to celebrate 2018... Finally got a chance to get linking to work in the forum, so thought I would get this in here.

Raised 69 - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/69/raised-69
Her Oral Waterfall - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/cunnilingus/her-oral-waterfall
His Oral Waterfall - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/fellatio/his-oral-waterfall

Sitting Bodyguard - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/bodyguard/sitting-bodyguard

Twisted Butterfly - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/butterfly/twisted-butterfly
Standing Butterfly - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/butterfly/standing-butterfly

Raised Doggy - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/doggystyle/raised-doggy
Inverted Doggy - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/doggystyle/inverted-doggy

Standing Groundhog - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/groundhog/standing-groundhog

Lap Dance 180 - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/lap-dance/lap-dance-180
Kneeling Lap Dance 180 - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/lap-dance/kneeling-lap-dance-180
Reclined Lap Dance 180 - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/lap-dance/reclined-lap-dance-180
Squatting Lap Dance 180 - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/lap-dance/squatting-lap-dance-180

Open Rodeo - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/rodeo/open-rodeo
Squatting Open Rodeo - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/rodeo/squatting-open-rodeo

Kneeling Scissors - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/scissors/kneeling-scissors
Twisted Kneeling Scissors - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/scissors/twisted-kneeling-scissors

Sitting Wheelbarrow - https://sexinfo101.com/positions/wheelbarrow/sitting-wheelbarrow

Posted: 26 Mar 20:21


Sorry to be a party pooper, but aren't 50% of all positions just variations of the basics? Like the difference between the Asian / Indian cowgirl and the cowgirl, it's only the position of the legs. Actually here it's not called the Asian cowgirl.

Posted: 14 Apr 14:02

If you looked through the positions section, you would have seen that 85-90% of positions are variations.

Posted: 14 Apr 17:41

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