OP: How hot does a vagina get during sex?

The temperature probably gets up there doesn't it?


Posted: 14 Jan 02:32


That is an interesting question and I shall try to find an answer. I have had men tell me that I seem warmer during my period. That would be because of the increased blood flow. I'll look around for an answer.


OK, a partial answer and you are about to learn more about body temperatures than you ever wanted to know. I called a classmate from med school who is now a professor of gynaecology and a researcher at our school in Germany. His interest in female body parts is his main hobby as well as occupation! He sent me by fax a little known Swedish study that surprised me.

All temperatures that are taken – oral, rectal, ear, armpit and, yes, vaginal – are indicators of the body’s core, or basal, temperature. They each have their own “normal range.” The range is usually 1.5-2 degrees Celsius. Vaginal temperature is slightly warmer, one degree, than oral and a half degree cooler than rectal. Very few women have ever had their vaginal temperatures taken because even those using basal temp for ovulation prediction use oral temperature. I know of no men who have had their vaginal temperatures taken.

Basal temperature, and therefore vaginal temperature, varies during the menstrual cycle – lower until ovulation, higher from ovulation to menstruation. But your question was essentially how does the vaginal temperature vary during sexual activity. Surprise!! It gets lower by up to one degree C. It is at its lowest point immediately before orgasm.

All temperatures are determined by blood flow from the core of the body and the vagina varies around 37 degrees C. The explanation of the lower vaginal temperature during sexual arousal is explained by blood flow and changed shape of the vagina. As we become aroused, our vaginas change from a relatively straight tube to a rounder, balloon like shape. This distends the vaginal walls and squeezes blood out of them. At the same time, all the muscles that are about to be involved in having an orgasm are receiving more blood. So the temperature sensor in the vagina is less closely held by the vaginal walls and those walls themselves have less blood flowing past the sensor. Ergo, the vagina drops a half degree or so in temperature just before orgasm. After orgasm, the “balloon” collapses and blood flows normally warming it up again. The changes are not readily noticeable to either partner.

This was determined by placing temperature sensors into women’s vaginas and having them masturbate digitally. Anything poking around in there (penis, dildo, whatever) would mess up the measurement.

I asked about my experience of men telling me I am warmer during my period. He was surprised but after some questions allowed it is possible. There is increased blood flow to the entire lower pelvis during menstruation warming everything up. In my case, I have very short but very heavy menstrual flow. I often “run a temperature” during the first part of my period. So, we women could be a little warmer during menstruation.

Sorry you asked?


Posted: 14 Jan 02:33

Is it possible to get TMI about your own anatomy? I think it just got possible. Well, I guess that I know have an interesting little trivia fact to share at family get-togethers...

Happy humping!


Posted: 14 Jan 02:33

Has anyone taken their blood pressure and pulse during sex. I bet both go through the roof!

Posted: 22 Aug 17:30

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