OP: LIkes and dislikes about todays and yesterdays porn

I like good male and female porn. I don't care for today's porn where they spit on the pussy or penis. Also have you ever noticed that female porn stars will act as if they are masturbating and instead of the tell-tale vaginal pulsing they hide it by jumping or bouncing around in "ecstasy" and it gives the viewers the idea that "wow, she really came". I have never seen any of the main stream or famous porn stars hit an orgasmic contraction, EVER. I like good pussy fucking in porn but I hate it when the guy decides to switch things up and go anal. I lose my erection and then move on to a different video. Just my likes and dislikes. What about any of you people that enjoy porn?

Posted: 07 Aug 17:35


I find US porn to be a bit like that. look on a site like xhamster where you can find euro porn. Czech is usually good. German too. even thai.
And what is the current obsession with step sisters? Yuk!

Posted: 11 Aug 16:40


Posted: 15 Sep 19:54

I agree with some of your points – I also prefer more natural and genuine scenes.

Posted: 01 Sep 08:08

Hey there, it's interesting how preferences can vary so much when it comes to porn. Personally, I agree with some of your points – I also prefer more natural and genuine scenes. The over-the-top stuff can be a turn-off for me, too. Everyone has their own tastes, and it's great that there's such a wide range of content out there to cater to different preferences. I also like nude leaks. What about you?

Posted: 07 Sep 10:47

I love anal sex but imagine rather than watch.

Posted: 17 Dec 03:20

When comparing today's and yesterday's porn, there's a shift in approach and diversity. Incorporating cultural elements like https://v3.phima1.com/phim-sex-viet-nam/ in today's content reflects a broader acceptance and appreciation of different cultural narratives. It's positive to see a move towards more inclusive representations and varied themes, catering to diverse preferences. Yet, acknowledging that preferences differ across eras is essential. While today offers more accessibility and diverse content, nostalgia for the simplicity or storytelling of yesteryears is understandable.

Posted: 04 Jan 23:50

I'm a great fan of Asian porn. Especially sex việt nam. It has more passion for me than EU or US porn. What are your thoughts on that? Actually, comparing porn is fun.

Posted: 25 Jan 15:04

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