OP: Funnest locations you've had sex?

Okay, this is the one that I tell people when sex comes up into discussion. I have had sex on air... I will explain...
My boyfriend at the time was a DJ for a local radio station. We had sex on the table he was working on, after pushing the keyboard, and soundboard over of course. He had to go on air and make some announcements a couple of times, so I believe his exact words were, "I am sorry I am a little winded... I had to go run and get Coke". I am just hoping some innocent children didn't hear me moaning the backround.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:30


wish i had a good one to put here, but about the most intriguing place we've done it was in her room while her parents were entertaining guests in the room directly above us, where we could hear pretty much every movement they made. But we're gonna be at her grandma's farm in a couple weekends, so we might get some outdoor action going (my main fantasy). i'll definitely be posting again if that happens


Posted: 01 Oct 22:30

My wife and I have done it in a lot of different and unusual places. And honestly a lot of them sounded better in theory than they actually were in reality (you know... it's hard to enjoy if you can't get comfortable, etc.). But here are a few of my favorites:

* in an old church balcony with people unaware down below
* in a park behind a national monument
* in a subway car (no one else was on the car)
* in the glass "scenic" elevator of a high-rise hotel
* on the balcony of a hotel on the beach
* in the ocean
* in a tent in a rainstorm (amazing!)
* in a department store bed display
* on our friends' living room floor (while they were out picking up Chinese food)
* in a library
* at the top of Toronto's CN Tower
* in our best friends' bed
* in a movie theatre (we were the only ones at that showing!)
* on a train at night
* in a ferris wheel (it broke down while we were at the top so we figured we'd take advantage of it!)
* in the backseat of a car with our friends up front (Shhhh!!!)

There have been some other interesting places and I have a list (yes, an actual list... goofy, huh?) somewhere that I used to keep track of them on. I'm going to try to find it because I know I have forgotten some good ones.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:30

-50 yard line of my g/fs high school football stadium
-every park in her town (use the swings!)
-balcony of a house on the beach that no one was renting at the time in plane view of everyone in the middle of the day
-her best friends living room coffee table, shower, bathroom floor, counter and bed
-the roof of her house
-enchanted rock. its a big thing here in texas that has lots of little caves and stuff. we were going at it while we could hear our families walking right above us calling our names trying to find us.
-the parking lot of my work
-while going down the highway
-the baseball field dugout across the street from my house

the list goes on but thats all i can think of right now


Posted: 01 Oct 22:30

Okay, I found my list, in the back of an old daily planner, creatively entitled "Places We've Done It" (ha!). In addition to the ones I already mentioned above, we have had sex:

*in a limo (not too original, I know)
*in a meadow of wildflowers
*in an aerial car ride (like they have at ski resorts)
*on the beach right where the surf washes up
*on the roof of a skyscraper office building
*in the Alamo (no kidding!)
*on a trampoline
*in the hayloft of an old barn
*in a hotel room without paying for it (just told front desk we wanted to see a room first, went up and fucked, then returned key and said "no thanks")
*near someone who was asleep

As well, back in the early '90's, we used to live on the 25th floor of a highrise condominium tower and our bedroom windows looked directly out onto the windows of a hotel that faced our building. Many nights we could watch others from several floors of the hotel doing it, or open our curtains and do it for the enjoyment of any hotel guests who cared to watch. It was a great voyeuristic/exhibitionist place to live!!

Now we're in suburbia, and I kind of miss it.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:31

middle of my street 2am her over the hood of her car in the pouring rain


Posted: 02 Oct 23:34

on the beach in veradero, cuba at 3am...and although it wasn't my first time, it was my first time receiving oral, so it was a VERY good night. I always remember staring up at the stars and watching the entire night sky begin to shimmer and blur as i climaxed...ah, the great outdoors...


Posted: 02 Oct 23:34

I've done it before in a hospital. Very fun, with only a curtain separating us from the doctors and nurses


Posted: 02 Oct 23:35

The best place I have had sex would definately be in the back of a moving ambulance. I wasn't a patient or anything, but was seeing a guy that was a paramedic. There is a certain thrill that goes along with getting caught or others seeing you in the act!


Posted: 02 Oct 23:35

I'm new so I'm just catching up. This is a old post but a good one.
So, most interesting and fun
The back seat of my parents car in the driveway, I was 17.
Several times in the parking lot of 6Flags, I worked there with my bf when I was 18.
His parents bed,that was the wierdst.
My bf and I at my gfs house, with her and her bf, in the basement. Lights on and we were watching each other.
Got fingered in a restaurant and in the back of the movie theater.
Jerked him off in the movie

Posted: 25 Apr 22:22

My favorite was in a pretty secluded area of a large public park - bent over a bench... My bf at the time tended to last forever - as in he almost never came. He only lasted like 3 mins that time! Gotta love mini-skirts.

Posted: 29 Apr 17:50

A threesome in a locker room when I was at school

Posted: 15 Mar 01:42

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