OP: 10 days late, Still no period!

My last period was on 14 of June, 2008. Just a week after I finished my June periods, I had spotting for about a week. I was due to chum on 14th of July as usual. But its been almost 10 days and still nothing. Last week I had slight symptoms of getting periods but it stopped after a couple of days. I have not yet gone for a pregnancy test yet.

My periods have never been delayed to this extent.

Me and my boyfriend have sex regularly and he ALWAYS checks the condom and never has a condom failed till now!

We have had sex responsibly and still this has happened. I am very tensed. We don't want to have a baby right now. We are not prepared.

- When do you think I should go for the pregnancy test?

- Are there any pills to get the periods if they're delayed?

Thank you very much in advance.

Gauri Khan

Posted: 30 Sep 17:47


You have missed the first opportunity for emergency contraception - the morning after pill which is effective up to a week (three days are recommended).

You can do a home pregnancy test right now. Get two, of different brands, and follow the instruction with the tests at least twelve hours apart. Your doctor or a women's clinic can do more sophisticated test but woul likely begin with the same test you can do at home.

The only "pill" is mifepristone (sometimes called RU-486) which is effective for a few months after conception. In some countries this can be had without prescription. In most countries, it must be administered by a doctor. It is actually multiple doses and very few women who have taken it look forward to repeating the experience.

You should see your doctor, or visit a women's clinic, as soon as possible to determine all of your alternatives at this point. The sooner, the better.


Posted: 30 Sep 17:48

Hi Brandye, I got my periods day before yesterday. Do I still have to go see the doctor? or is the issue solved? Kindly let me know. I'm still tensed. Thanks in Advance

Gauri Khan

Posted: 30 Sep 17:48

I have to ask, how can other women look foward to repeating that sort of experience, it would scare the sh*t out of me!


Posted: 30 Sep 17:48

Well, Gauri, you should be OK for now. If you have not had a gyn exam, it is time to get everything checked. And, the effectiveness of condoms is greatly enhanced with the use of vaginal spermicide - jelly, foam, film, suppository, tablet. Good idea to use both condom and spermicide.

Lust I am referring here to the side effects of the mife. Not pleasant.


Posted: 30 Sep 17:49

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