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Waking up this morning my significant other confessed he was awoken last night to my movements: I was masturbating in my sleep. I reacted quite embarrassed, surprised, and somewhat alarmed (much the way you might if told you were sleepwalking). I'm sure I'm not the only woman to do this, but I'd like some feedback on the matter:

- Do you remember masturbating? I'm starting to think I've always done this, just no one ever told me.

- Do you feel more masculated because its not a conscious act? I masturbate when I'm awake every so often, but during my REM cycles it can be a little odd.


Posted: 23 Sep 23:57


All research done on this has been anecdotal - interviews - with a few minor exceptions of sleep labs with observers. The results indicate that it is neither common nor uncommon. More women report awakening in a state of arousal than actually masturbating while asleep. Very few report experiencing orgasm while still sleeping, rather, they awaken and finish themselves (I do).

I represent a variation on this. I began seriously playing with myself during my first period. The irritation of the pad kept me in a state of arousal. My first orgasm came, unexpectedly, several months later - during my period. I began to fall asleep with a stuffed animal clamped between my thighs. To this day, nearly thirty years later, I am most comfortable sleeping with a firm pillow between my legs and this, no doubt, has generated some nocturnal activity; a form a masturbation.

Some of the modern sleep aids, as drug companies call them, do lead to various activities in sleep of which we are unconscious. These include eating, walking about, even drivving. I have seen no studies but cannot imagine that sex would be excluded - just not talked about. If you are taking some of this stuff, your masturbation could be a side effect. If you are not taking this, that would indicate that you probably have developed a behaviour not unlike my humping a stuffed animal when I was fourteen.

In either case, nothing to be embarassed about. Men commonly have oragasms during the night (though they usually awaken at the point of ejaculation); we women experience this less commonly and almost always awaken before orgasm. Blame it on the incubus who lives in your closet!


Posted: 23 Sep 23:57

I know that this is a thread about female masturbation, and being a male I cant give you personal experiences. But my ex girlfriend did hump in her sleep. She would fall asleep next to me, and would start grinding against my hip or leg. I do not know whether would come or not but she would dig her nails into me and sometimes Id wake up with massive scratches and such.


Posted: 23 Sep 23:57

I do it all the time, I wake up wet and sometimes I wake up with my hands down my pants. :p I used to do the deed to relax myself and help myself fall asleep, so I guess I'm just relaxing myself more.


Posted: 23 Sep 23:57

I guess I'm a bit an oddity here too, Brandye. Not only do I sometimes wake up in orgasm, but when I do there is never a hand, or anything else 'foreign' for that matter, anywhere near 'there'. Although generally I'm waking up from some sort of arousing dream. One morning, after a particularly sexually-intense night, my bf told me he thought I'd orgasmed in my sleep, and it never even woke me up.

But I have to agree about not to be embarrassed by it, or by the fact that your bf noticed. Mine took all the credit and got an ego boost from it ;-)


Posted: 23 Sep 23:58

It's likely that you've been doing this for a while without being aware of it. As for feeling emasculated, it's important to remember that sexual experiences during sleep are natural bodily responses and not indicative of masculinity or femininity.

Posted: 10 Aug 10:14

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