There is no reason for HIV testing if you have never engaged in risky behaviour - sex or drug with needles or been in high risk areas. They draw a bit of blood - no big deal. If you have had oral and other play, then there is always a chance that you could have caught something... and it's always good to know.

There are dozens of different pills with various specific mixtures of active ingredients. Some women adjust well to one and some to another. Talk to your prescriber and do not be surprised if you try a few before finding the one best for you. You may wish to consider the ring. It is equally effective as the pill and puts a much lower level of hormone into your system. This would reduce all side-effects including weight gain. Incidentally, not all women gain weight and some gain it mostly on their chests. Others shrivel a bit. We each adapt individually.


Posted: 28 Sep 00:55