Well, Rhonda, you have undergone the greatest change a woman can experience. The introduction of a child into your life changes lots of things - including your sex life. You are not specific about the changes in sex drive during your pregnancy. Typically, it goes way down during the first tri-mester; is about normal for the middle three months and differs among women during the last three.

Following birth, your schedule is quite different to include reduced sleep. The hormones are mixed up a bit for a little longer than you breast feed. Many women experience some level of post-partum depression. Varies from the blues to suicidal and even homicidal. Most are somewhere low on the scale but sex drive is one of the first noticeable symptoms of depression. The baby is now your primary focus and there is less energy to focus on yourself.

Lots of clinincs have discussion groups for new mothers. I assure you that the topic of sex is high on the list of items wanted to be discussed. Maybe you should try a visit.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:16