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Hello... i have been masturbating like ever since i was like 6 and stuff and i watched like my frist porn at like 12 or so maybe 13 or 14 i am not sure not 12 though but like 13 or 14 well anyway.... i feel ashamed after i watch porn now.. and the other day i watched porn and got off turned it off went in my room and used my vibrator and it so hard cuz i start to use it and then i cry and shit. I feel as though i have lost me as a kid and this is so new to me. like i get all weirded out when i hear myself scream and i even say " eww" i am a very sexual person but i am heavily ashamed of it. I also think i have small boobs, big vagina, and not an attractive looking body... i can never get fully into something i am always thinking like as if it is the real act and i get scared and ashamed and i cry.... soemone please help *


Posted: 30 Sep 23:02


Hey there...i dontk now but from the sound of yr post it sounds like maybe you feel guilty for masturbating for some reason or another?
i started masturbating when i was really young too and astarted watching porn movies around 13 or so too, and i used to feel al ittle weird about it at times when i was younger. haha sometimes even now i feel a little weird about it, but i realize now that its nothing to feel bad about it. its totally natural to watch some porn and to wanna get off: it feels good! but maybe take a breal from it if your not enjoying it. dont do anything if your not enjoying it.
maybe try to watch a different kind of porn, or maybe you could read some erotica or sexy stories and then masturbate while fantasizing about it.
just dont get down about it and above all things ENJOY the body you were given , its a beautiful, pleasurable miracle.
take care


Posted: 30 Sep 23:02

i feel that in your situation, you sound as though you lack self confidence, whether it has to do with your personality or you physically.

I tend to keep writing once i'm on a subject, but i'll try and breif this down as short as possible.

Is there anything that makes you depressed? What are the things that make you happy? Who do you enjoy being around the most? They're the questions you have to answer.

It sounds as though you may have a few personal issues. Is everything at home okay? What aspects of your life would you like to change? Which would you like to stay the same?

There's many reasons why you could be feeling like this. My tip, is first of all, building up your self confidence. A confident person blooms through a body and makes them into a beautiful person. There are many ways for doing this, but to get somewhere, you must believe in yourself 100%, and you must believe in what you want out of life.

Always keep yourself happy. Write down a list of anything at all that makes you happy. Try and do these things as much as possible, remembering to vary your routine.

Alike happy things, there's just as many things that put you down. Write these down, and think of ways to prevent the problems from happening. Make sure you concentrate on what DOES make you happy.

Remember, with self confidence comes an even more beautiful person. Lift up your spirits, THINK POSITIVE, hold your head high, smile those gorgeous pearly whites and show em all what you've got!

Also, when you're in a "moment" whether it be by yourself or with somebody else, just remember to relax, and think calm, clean thoughts and remember to keep positive and smile! You'll enjoy yourself so much more.

I hope i've helped, and good luck!


Posted: 30 Sep 23:03

Awww..frusttnagr..I have a problem much like that.
I love masterbation. But since the way I was raised I get ashamed from masterbating. And wanting something like that but being grossed out by yourself can be frustrating and confuzziling. My tip is talk to yourself. Don't be scared to try new things. Mabe masterbation with someone else will help. When I masterbate alone I can't stand it. But with my sexy man..It becomes really erotic. If you don't have a guy, you may want to try being bi-curious and find another ladie to masterbate with. (I understand if you find that idea way out of your league)


Posted: 30 Sep 23:03

It sounds like you may have been sexually traumatized at a very young age. I am no expert mind you, but I have heard Dr. Drew Pinski make remarks to this affect when advising someone who has feelings of shame or other sexual disfunction and they don't know why it happens. Dr. Pinski usaully advises to seek professional councling.
Good luck!


Posted: 30 Sep 23:03

I am 17. I am a very sexually thinking girl and have always been since i was like 8. Well i have been so horny lately that i have been cybering. I feel bad about it. I have never actually gotten through one full cyber. Some just want me to meet up with them somewhere and i am like yeah right! But i keep thinking evil thought. Like i just broke up with my boyfriend well he broke up with me like 4 months ago and now i am thinking wouldn't it be so kinky to call him up on my 18th birthday or when i am 18 and say come to this hotel and f*** my brains out... and i imagine it in my head. Us not speaking at all ... only having sex. It scares me. Also i was almost tempted to getting a marine guy to come up to my house and take me to his house so he could do me. But of course i would never 1. have the balls to do that and 2. have the sense not to do that but i am so horny... and i think that later on in life i wil do that and that makes me sad and makes me ashamed that i would be like that and that i like the whole i don't know you let's f*** thing fantacy...even having the fantacies that i sometimes have of 5, 4, 3, or 2 guys doing me at the same time... i get ashamed. I can't stop it though. It turns me on so much and i cumm a lot. It makes me ashamed and sad... i feel like i am imprisoned in a perverted mind and that is all that iam ... aperverted mind and not a funny, shy, nice, strong, pretty girl no! i jsut see myself as perverted and i like it .
I feel that my parent will know i cyber or someone else will. I get ashamed with anything related to sex and get sad. I cry when i use my vibrator cuz i am ashamed of the things i think and also realizing i am a sexual being and should be proud of it but i am not. When i try to orgasm it feel werid when i hear myself instead of just enjoying it. I am imprisioned and i cannot get out. I am imprisioned in thinking i am a bad girl and liking it... it is like as if i feel that i am werid.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:35

WOW...You definately sound like a frustrated teenager. But let me reassure you that you in nooo way are a perv. Everyone in this world has at least one fantasy that gets them revved up-EVERYONE. I noticed that you called yourself a pervert and said you were ashamed of yourself a total of 7 times. At the same time you say that you are a very sexual person by nature. So you definately have some internal conflict going on. You know, "I love the feeling I have when I do this, but I hate myself for doing it" thing. Conflicted. I know how you feel...I often used to feel that way, too. Then I realized that I would rather have my fantasies rather than go out and bring home anything and everything You also mention that you worry that you might act out these fantasies when you got older. My advice to you on that is to not get caught up in something that may not ever happen. I used to worry about things I has no control over and that made me miserable. When I learned NOT to do that, I became a much happier person.

Lastly, I have to give you props about inviting your EX to be w/ you on your 18th b-day. If it were me and I had been the one that was dumped, sure I'd invite him and just not show up. But hey...I can be a spiteful biahtch!!!

And just in case you did not know...YOU ARE A NORMAL TEENAGER!!!!!


Posted: 02 Oct 20:36

Wow! You are being WAY too hard on yourself.

First of all, there is no such thing as "normal". Be yourself. Let someone else drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what normal is.

Fantasies are great. Fantasies are wonderful. There is no danger(pregnancy/disease) and they ALWAYS work out the way you want them to. Enjoy them. And yourself.

Forgive me, I'm old, so I'm not exactly sure what cybering is. I assume is means sort of phone sex on the internet. Again, this is a safe outlet as long as you have commonsense(and it sounds like you do) and don't get pressured into doing anything that YOU don't want to. Also, NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! meet a total stranger anywhere but a public- well lit- place. And ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! make sure someone knows where you are going and the name and description of the person you are going to be with.

Unfortunately, we are made to feel guilty about anything to do with sex. All I can say to that is decide for yourself what is right and forget what others want you to think. Play safe, know what you are getting into, and consider all the consequences and do what feels right to you.

Sex is suppose to be fun. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Take care of yourself.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:36

Have you ever heard the gossipers talking about the loose girls that do all sort of bad nasty sex things & how awful it is when one of them got pregnant as punishment for what she did. Then when you are about to get married you are advised to please your husband by doing all those naughty sexy things to please him & all of sudden it is a blessing to have a baby. Sex is not bad nor is it bad thinking about it. Respect yourself & save yourself for the right guy. Some guy is going to be very lucky to have girl with the urges & imagination you have. You can both fantasize & play act together.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:37

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