OP: white stuff on the base of my penis?

After sex sometimes I have dried up white stuff on the base of my penis. This happens if I "pull out." My question is, is this from her cumming? When she cums does it have a color? I'm wondering how you can tell if a woman cums? After having oral sex I once had sticky white stuff on my upper lip. And I know she came because she told me, but is that what this was?


Posted: 01 Oct 00:04


ok. i'm female.
when my cum dries, it dries white.
so does my discharge.
my cum itself will also come out white, or atleast it has some white in it.
so her cum is probably the sticky white substance on your lip.

and i'm not knocking you (or anyone here) but it seems that a lot people keep asking how do you know if a woman cums or what color is it?
do you think our cum is green or something? i'd like to know why this seems to be a common question.
as for knowing when she cums, well, last time i checked when i came, i got a lot more wet than just being turned on and usually, something will leak out.
you guys stand at attention when you get turned on. we become wet so we're lubricated enough to handle you. but the last time i checked (or atleast in my case) when either of us came, something's gonna come out.


Posted: 01 Oct 00:04

anytime my natural lube aka wetness dries it dries white.
it can start out clear.
it isn't necessarily "cum" its just from me getting wet.
as far as the sticky white stuff i posted somewhere else that most girls are different and can have different discharges at certain points in their cycle. sometimes mines white, clear, or i have none at all. this is discharge when im not aroused just regular.


Posted: 01 Oct 00:04

yeah it was prolly her discharge or cum...no need to worry.


Posted: 01 Oct 00:05

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