OP: What's better than a vasectomy?

Having to have another one! Yay! :mad:

Apparently after my 3rd test in as many months I'm still active. I must have little barracudas for sperm. Or some extra plumbing. lol

The procedure itself is a cake walk, but it's just a hassle to have to go through all this again. Sigh...

Just a warning to all you men thinking of getting this procedure, GET TESTED!


Posted: 30 Sep 03:30


Yes, you have spermatazoa that are SERIOUSLY dedicated to their mission in life! "Just call me Daddy!" LOL

Always knew you were 'dangerous', Firmus!


Posted: 30 Sep 03:31

More men should have your view firmus. There are many who never have their first check - and that is just plain stupic.


Posted: 30 Sep 03:31

I will say though that I was surprised at how "complicated" some other doctors make the specimen process as compared to mine. A buddy of mine said to take her husbands in it had to be there in 45 minutes, and she had to keep it under her arm for the drive so it stayed body temp. We live over an hour away, so I would have had to do it in the parking lot or something. :)

I think they gave them the procedure for if your testing for live ones or something. My doctor just said sometime on the same day, and don't refrigerate.


Posted: 30 Sep 03:31

Well, some doctors, or labs, follow protocol blindly. The manual gives certain criteria for handling specimens for a sperm count. That is important for someone trying to become a parent. To check for presence of sperm, does not matter. Dead ones are just as illuminating as live ones if you do not want any. I did one for a guy with his son's toy microscope, semen from a used condom and a bit of dye. He was safe.

For rape victims, we can identify sperm from swabs, hours later. And one spinster school librarian gave a urine sample with a few sperm present. We did not think she had ever had a date but obviously had sex recently.


Posted: 30 Sep 03:32

My husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago (before we were married) and currently we are on a waiting list for a reversal (military).

Last week my husband complained of severe testicular cramping which lasted approx 5-7 days. A few days after the pain subsided, we had intercourse and he was shocked to find the orgasm very similar to pre-vasectomy days (greater sensation, no cramping... as he described it "the orgasm came from within my soul like it did when I was younger"). He has had this exact same sensation for 3 days straight during orgasm. Each time he says it makes him almost dizzy and that it is such a difference that it almost scares him. He says he knows his body and he feels like the vas deferens has reattached because it feels like the semen is actually going somewhere and not being trapped like before (and suffering from terrible cramps).

What are the chances that a vasectomy would grow back naturally after 7 years (and a few infection complications) and if so, would there be such a significant difference in orgasm to alert to the change? If not, is this something we should be concerned about? The next avail Dr. Appt is in 2 months and I dont want to stress that long!

thanks in advance!!!

Thanks In Advance

Posted: 30 Sep 20:49

I am not a urologist and have only assisted in vasectomy. Short answer: yes, it can happen that the vas deferens "heal." On the other hand, consider it permanent because the reversal is an iffy proposition. Especially after complications such as you describe. The figure I have heard is that 1 in 10,000 grow back spontaneously; the success rate in reversing I have seen put at about 50%. Few urologists will attempt reversal and you should seek one who has a track record.

There should have been no real change in orgasm after he was cut. Sperm provide only 10%, by volume, of the ejaculate. Ejaculations during prostatitis sometimes do increase in size and give an increased sensation. (Recognize that I am a woman so have never experienced it). This is a result of the infection adding to the semen that is ejaculated. The smell of the ejaculate is clearly different from normal semen; you, if not he, would have noticed it.

I would not wait another day. If he has an infection, it is easily treated but MUST be treated. At an extreme his ejaculate will be mostly blood. He can also have a sperm count which will tell you whether the tubes have reconnected and sperm production has begun. Any medical laboratory can do this. So could most biology teachers.

Semen enters the system at the prostate. Only sperm will be traveling up the tubes from the testicles to the prostate. His symptoms match nothing I can find in my immediate reference books.

Get it checked and do not wait two months. I am assuming US military because in most of Europe he would not have to wait for a military physician. This is an immediate problem and should be seen immediately. Then worry about getting the reversal.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:49

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