OP: Lazy penis (not getting full erections)

i posted this at the end of a different reply, then realized that i should make it its own topic.

I need help in making my penis its full size. i can be just over 7" but most times im around 5" and my penis is not fully hard or erect, its like it knows i can have sex at 5" so it doesnt try... or something like that. how can i make it fulfil its potential?


Posted: 01 Oct 00:00


I found your phrasing of this question hilarious! And for that I thank you. It was a great laugh. I just picture a guy giving his penis a good talking to, or slapping it around and telling it to "tow the line".

For the serious part of the question, I think most guys experience this. For me, it seems to depend on how aroused I am. The more sexually excited, the larger the penis. But if you are asking for a full time "cure", then I don't know of one- unless it's something like Viagra. As long as I'm erect enough for sex, I'm happy, and I've had no complaints.


Posted: 01 Oct 00:00

I guess i'm struggling with your question too. When i get erect, i get ERECT. Depending on how many times i have cum that day, my cock can go from ROCK HARD, to the consistency of a refrigerated stick of butter (sorry, it's the best i could come up with, but you get the picture).

Do get fully erect when you masturbate? When are you NOT fully erect. Based on your other post, i think u are referring to not being fully erect prior to intercourse...and like oberon said, thats pretty common to have "stage fright" Hey, anxiety is tough to deal with...especially when you think "how do i measure up in her mind."

To help you jump start things, you might want to try some "tactle" ideas to help you get fully hard. Besides stroking your cock, try having HER lightly lick, kiss or pinch your nipples. If you're alone, do it yourself - no one said the ladies have the market cornered on nipple play. You can also try playing gently with your balls or have her run her hands over them. And finally, if you can get her, (or yourself) to rub your "taint" ..thats the area between your balls and anus...it's very sensative, and acutaly part of the who strucutre of the penis!

Hope this helps!


Posted: 01 Oct 00:01

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