OP: What would you do different if you could go back and redo your first time?

Not sure if new to sex is the best place for this... but seems to be the forum that would be most beneficial for those coming of age to learn from others...

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently leading up to your first time having sex?

I was 15 when I popped my cherry dating a guy a couple of years older.

I recall being quite overloaded by it. The excitement of finally experiencing it, the fear of pregnancy and my parents coming home, the concern over how my relationship with my bf would change after, being dumbfounded about what I should be doing (lost mine in missionary), the initial pain followed by the pleasure.

Although I don't have any regrets, I believe it would have gone a little better had I waited until I was a little older, maybe 17 at least. I don't think I was comfortable enough with my body and my self at the time to deal with all of the above.

Posted: 20 Apr 19:35


Great topic magda92!

I had very romanticized views of how sex should be... so planned on not rushing it / waiting for that special someone.

My first time was when I was around 18/19 with a girl I had been dating for about 4 months... right around christmas if memory serves me.

I remember having anxiety about performance - not wanting to orgasm too quickly and trying to make it amazing for her while having next to clue what I was doing... We had gone to 3rd base quite often, so were pretty comfortable with each other, which was great, but we didn't use a condom, so the fear of pregnancy while just starting Uni took away from it. We were also at her parent's house, so that fear of getting busted was also present, though it did add a little bit of excitement as well. It was also in the missionary position, which quite frankly, I don't think is the best for beginner due to how awkward the positioning and movement can be before you get the hang of it. (I'd recommend butterfly as a much better choice for men).

That said, I almost lost it a few years earlier while in high school in the back of my car at a park to a girl I just started dating because everyone else was doing it and didn't want to be "left behind"... plus some rumours were circulating about how I wasn't going to be able to keep up to her (she had more exp). Right as I was about to put it in, one of the street lamps overhead started to flicker, and I panicked thinking it was a cop's flashlight... My wood evaporated almost instantly, and there was no bringing it back. It was devastating at the time and the relationship didn't go much further due to my insecurities at the time, but in hind-sight, I'm glad it happened that way so that the first time would be more special.

Posted: 20 Apr 19:54

In hindsight I should have waited. I was 16 and he is 18 months older. Yeah, we also went to 3rd base many times. I lost mine in the kneeling lap dance position on the couch in the basement, one of our favorite spots. Sometimes I would take my pantie off, as I did that day. Skirt on, after school at my house. He slightly penetrated and I though I was ready, my reply to him was "only put it in a little" yeah I know, stupid, but I was sooo turned on and 16. After some slow grinding he was completely in. Then the thought of getting pregnant struck me. Shortly after saying not to cum on me, he was like ohhhh then a few superlative's, then him pushing me back.... anyway, we are still off and on gf and bf. That was a scary two weeks until my period. I would advise against having sex that young. As a female, There's so much you don't know about your body at that age. Young guys seem to want to penetrate asap, and have little control.... It took us many tims before I can honestly say, I enjoyed it and was satisfied.

Posted: 24 Apr 19:57

LOL For fun... just the tip? :)

Nothing like the fear of pregnancy to set you straight until the next hormone rush... :D

Posted: 25 Apr 02:06

Yeah your right, you would think so. But that happened two more times after that. A few months later in the back seat of his car, missionary, the condom broke. Then again months later during summer break, in the back seat again. No condom because we were only suppose to be making out. At a party, everyone seemed to be 420, although I didn't have to, the contact was enough. So into the back seat, gave him a bf. He wanted more, so I slipped out one leg from my shorts and sat in his lap with my back to him. We were both on a contact high so he didn't even try pulling out. My hands on the back of the front seat, some what like a doggie, he was deep in me when he came. That time I was really scared after being probably 8 days late.... Lession learned that time. When your still 16 -17 lessons come hard. I was lucky.

Posted: 25 Apr 20:37

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