OP: Tasting own cum

Hi everyone,

Recently, I have been thinking about tasting my own cum. I had an idea for doing this. Instead of just simply licking a bit off my hand, I'm thinking I could masturbate in front of a mirror, and when I'm there, I ejaculate onto the mirror, and then I lick it all off. I don't if this sounds a bit weird, but when I think about it, I feel really horny.

Any comments would be good, thanks.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:39


I going to go with a couple of questions.... 1) Are you hurting anyone? and 2) Do you enjoy it? If the answer to question 1) is no and the answer to question 2) is yes, then don't worry if it's weird or not... This applies to just about anything...lol. Whatever turns you on.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:40

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to give it a try. I won't have masturbated for 2 days when I do it, so I will have plenty of cum to play with, lol.

So that I can get as much cum as possible, should I masturbate as normal on my bed for a while, and when I am ready, move over to the mirror?


Posted: 02 Oct 19:40

Many men have had the same idea as you - to eat their own cum. However, in the time between the cumshot and their readyness to eat their cum, the "desire" has dropped so much, that many don't follow thru.

Now, when i was younger, i found the easiset way to take my own cum was to get in position where i could either:
a) throw my legs over my shoulders so my cock was pointing right at my mouth when i shot, or
b) position myself in such a way as i could put my legs on the wall or in my case, i would lay on the floor next to my bed..when i was ready to cum, i would schooch close to the bedframe, and "walk up" the side of the bed to make it easier to pull my legs over my head. Both have worked for me.

However, over time, i've devloped a technique when i masturbate that allows me to actulaly "hit my mouth" when i cum". I saw it done on a porno movie when iwas in my late 20s, and got to the point where just at the point of orgasm, i squeeze just right to cause the cum to actually "shoot" a long distance.

See, if you put your mind to something you CAN make a difference! hahaha

I masturbate 4-6 times a week and always cum in my own mouth!


Posted: 02 Oct 19:40

i think tasting yourself is something everyone should try, either with or without a partner. after all, you shouldn't expect someone else to do it unless you have!!!

this could open up a whole new game for you and you might be suprised how many other people will want to play.

i say go for it and jerk yourself silly.
everyone has their own personal taste and variety is the spice of life.

as a woman, i think that is a huge turn on and it shows that you are open minded and willing to try new things.

good on ya mate!!!

Madam C

Posted: 02 Oct 19:41

that can backfire though. It has long been a desire of my husband's to have me take his cum in my mouth when giving him a blow job. I have tried, but it is so salty it just makes me gag. He later told me that he had tried it once, and didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Now I guess he thinks that I won't because I don't want to. If it tasted better, I wouldn't mind, but it just makes me want to throw up.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:41

Experimenter, there is a big difference in "not being able to" and "not wanting to bother". I think if you've tried and it's not for you, then that's all he can ask. I mean, if you don't like carrots, would you eat them just because your husband/boyfriend thought they tasted good? I would hope not...lol.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:42

But what is the best way to taste yourself? I mean, do you just simply scoop it up and put it in your mouth, or do you play with it a bit, by sliding your tongue through it etc.

You see, I have this particular thing I want to do with it. I kind of want to put it all in my mouth, and mix it about, and let it dribble down my chin and onto my chest etc. I'd like to watch myself in a mirror whilst doing it. Does that sound okay? It's just the desire does drop when I have cum, and I really wish it wouldn't


Posted: 02 Oct 19:42

Schumi dear

i think you are thinking way too techincal, just do it when it feels right. don't plan what your going to do or how, just do it and go with the flow.

try imagining what another person would do if it was them doing it or even better, what you would do.

are you curious of the taste or do you want a whole new experience?

start off simple and basic and work your way up, i noticed alot of people on this site have had experience in these things, take on board their advice but use your own method until you get what you want.

but either way i think you need to chill and just relax about it and just let your mood take you to where you want to go.

its all good fun!

Madame C

Posted: 02 Oct 19:42

Good point Madame.
Planning on doing this on a mirror or this and that. It does take away the spontineity.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:42

I see what you mean. Just see what happens sort of thing. I've never been very good at relaxing, I often find myself finishing quite quickly, when I know I should slow down and enjoy myself.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:42

I’ve tasted my own cum just to see what it would be like fir my gf.

Posted: 31 Aug 02:15

I think at one time or another everyone tasted their own sperm. At first it’s a strange feeling thinking about but one you do it then you realize it’s fine.

Posted: 07 Oct 04:51

I have tasted mine. I like to perform cunnilingus on a girl I have just cum inside. careful you dont drown if she sits on your face!

and another thing is 'snowballing' where a man cums in a partners mouth and you then kiss and pass the cum from mouth to mouth.

Posted: 25 Nov 13:28

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