OP: How to prevent UTIs?

My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time a couple weeks ago, before this I had been fingering her frequently, plus occasional oral sex for over a year. A couple days later, she came up with a bladder infection. She talked to her doctor and had it treated, and it went away in a couple days. Now that we look back, I fell out a couple times and more than likely the condom touched her anus. We are planning on having sex again when we see each other next weekend. We will be taking preventative measures against her getting another UTI. She will be drinking plenty of fluids, urinating before and after sex, and if I fall out we will change condoms of course. Is the reason that she came down with the UTI in the first place probably because the condom touched her anus and then I reentered? Is it likely that if we follow the preventative measures listed above that she will become infected again? Are there any other ways to prevent UTIs?


Posted: 27 Sep 23:40


Ya know what... UTI's are just another one of those few unpleasant aspects of feminine life. Yes, other factors can be involved in causing them, but some women are just more prone to them than others too. There is no way to know what SPECIFICALLY caused your girlfreinds UTI at this point (and its important to note here that there is a difference between a bladder infection and a UTI... which I can not extemporate on knowledgeably at this time, but be aware that it's there)... it could have been as you described, but it could easily have been somthing else entirely. However, doing as you described might lower the risk. Also, tell your girlfreind to drink cranberry juice (NOT cranberry juice cocktail... JUICE)... it's suppose to help lessen symptoms and help to prevent against more occurances.... (My mom gets these alot.... I'm as close to a pro on this subject as you can get without being a doctor)


Posted: 27 Sep 23:40

MizMinx nails it. We are women, we are going to have UTI once in a while. The most common cause is bacteria that belong in the intestines get into the vagina. Look at the structure and you see why it is so common. The anus and the vagina are a couple centimeters aoart and the whole area is usually warm and damp.

Women make this worse by trying to prevent it with douching. The vagina is its own little ecosystem. Regrettably, it sometimes gets out of balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria.


Posted: 27 Sep 23:40

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