OP: Tried incest with brother, feel terrible now...

I am a single, 23 year old woman who, without going into too much detail, recently engaged in an incestuous act with one of my siblings. It was something that neither of us planned on or expected and now, needless to say, I am feeling very strange about it. I acknowledge it was a mistake and realize there was nothing normal about it. I guess my main question is if there is any reason why I shouldn't just chalk this up as a bad mistake and just try to move on with my life and pretend it neve happened (kind of like any woman might do after a drunken one-night stand)? Or does the fact that my drunken one-night stand happened to be with my brother mean that there is a bigger issue here I might need to address? He and I have only spoken once since it happened and it was an extremely awkward conversation to say the least. Is it possible for the two of us to just move on? Or should I consider discussing it with a therapist?


Posted: 02 Oct 22:15


Ultimately, that is a question you have to answer for yourself, of course.

We are responsible for drinking too much... once we have, though, we are out of control... and I think the book of life is filled with stories of people who have done things drunk that they'd never do while sober.

In that regard, an action you take while drunk is not a good indication that you require therapy! (If you keep getting drunk and repeating it, different story maybe.)

The two of you should be able to move on. As you've already discovered, there is going to be some awkwardness, but it should pass. If not, get some help - but realize that the issue is getting past what you did, not that you did it.

Make sense?


Posted: 02 Oct 22:15

Sexually, we all do a few bonehead things in life that do not make us proud. This is in one's own opinion and no one else' business. Sounds like this was one of those bumps in the road. Tell him it is a closed issue and ask him to do the same. If it comes up again, then maybe something more for help is indicated.


Posted: 02 Oct 22:15

Brandy and Wally gave good advice...and i will only add this:


You can't go around carrying this guilt alone..you need to meet over coffee and just say, "We need to talk about what happend" and just listen to each other.

Now, you said u had an "incestious act"...are we talking masturbation? Heavy Petting? Oral Sex? Intercourse?

Sorry to ask, but i really belive that what you did can make a difference on the severity of the issue.

But, i do think u 2 need to sit and talk and once you've got it out, and agree it was a weak moment, agree to jsut let it go and hug each other!

Don't make this someithing that's gonna haunt u at every holiday!


Posted: 02 Oct 22:15

I've had several sexual experiences with my brother and with my sister and we enjoy it all. All of us are different and we all deal with thing's in different ways. My advice is to talk to your brother just the two of you and tell each other how you feel about it and put it all to sleep (behind you) once and for all

Posted: 13 Aug 01:38

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