OP: Vaginal soreness after intercourse?

Hey everyone. Often times when my boyfriend and I have sex, my vagina feels sore afterward. What could be causing this?

Posted: 24 May 03:58


First thoughts are just questions...
- Is he relatively large?
- Are you having rougher sex?
- Are your sessions relatively long?
- Is lubrication an issue at all / have you tried adding lube?
- Does it happen more in certain positions?
- Have you experienced this with past partners?

Posted: 24 May 15:45

He's average size. We're not really having rough sex. Our sessions last around 20 minutes. We do use lube. We have only tried one position so far. And I don't recall whether or not I've experienced it with past partners.

Posted: 01 Jun 01:18

This is likely one to see the doc about... the only simple things that come to mind are a possible allergy to the lube or condom (if you're using one). There are a number of medical conditions that could be related, but that is outside of my expertise - and sadly we haven't picked up any doctors on the new forum yet.

Posted: 11 Jun 17:04

Is there any chance to appoint a doctor so far?

Posted: 17 Jul 05:09

Not yet... In the past, it took quite some activity on the board before some doctors and nurses jumped in. At the moment, we're struggling to get a few people posting within a few days of each other. I really need to add the functionality for people to get emails when a thread they're involved in gets a new post.

Posted: 18 Jul 04:58

have you got thrush (candida), butterfly?

Posted: 25 Nov 13:38

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