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I can't seem to stop gagging. I am able to go down 2 or 3 times without gagging but no more. I want to be able to go down and stay there to suck. Any suggestions???


Posted: 05 Oct 00:41


If you ever have to have a tube in your throat (stomach pump,etc) they tell you to keep swallowing as they insert it. (sorry for the examples) So use that as trick to deep throat. You still may gag once and awhile, but if you try to stay focused on what you're doing it's easy to adjust yourself so that doesn't happen. If you continue doing swallowing movements while you suck, your soft pallate can do some ultimate stroking so you can use your tongue for other things.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:41

Glad someone mentioned swallowing movements, that's the best trick. The head over the edge of the bed is good too; it seems to provide a better angle or something. Here's another: remember to keep breathing deeply through your nose. That suffocating feeling kicks in my gag reflex. And unless you are really comfortable with it, make him keep his hands off the back of your head. No one enjoys feeling like they are being forced.

It also helps to REALLY want to do it. That way you aren't tense about performing well, you just do it. The truth is most guys enjoy whatever you do down there, so deep throating is just a plus.

As far as practicing, I actually saw a device on a British tv show. It was a dildo with a cord attached to an egg-shaped vibrator. There was a target at the base of the dildo and when you successfully deep throated it(your nose touched the target) the vibrator went off and gave you a little reward.lol


Posted: 05 Oct 00:41

Not everyone can "learn" to deep throat a cock. However, i have found it is A LOT easier if he's standing up and i'm directly in front (on knees) and breath through my nose.

The feeling of wanting to "gag" comes from the SIDE of your throat ...so taking it straight in and back is easier...if i try to do it while 69ing...i find that the cock hits the side of my throat and thats when i gag!


Posted: 05 Oct 00:42

Well, I'm lucky because I don't have much of a gag reflex and I enjoy deep throating, but I think it still takes a lot of practice. You can buy a cheap penis shaped vibrator from most sex shops, those are good to practice on, just practice relaxing your throat muscles and learn how to pace your breathing. I also find that it helps me a lot if I am really turned on, so sometimes I masturbate while I am giving head. Oh and a little gagging isn't a bad thing if you're comfortable with it. It turns me and my boyfriend on when I gag a little.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:42

Ok...deep throating...pretty much the whole reason I became a member of this site....giving a blowjob is an art like giving a woman oral....what is pleasing is different for each women...the same is true of blowjobs and specifically deep throating....I went through numerous girlfriends in HS and college that never even tried to deep throat me, it was just normal sex and bj's...then I met a girl that told me she could deep throat, this was completely new to me and since then I have been pursuing and trying to find a woman who could deep throat. Let me tell you it isn't easy from my stand point....I'm 8 inches long with good girth, so from my experience it hasn't been easy to find a woman to do it. One of the members on here said it doesn't have to be the whole experience just part of the blowjob, I think that is correct, but for me when it is part of the experience it is the best I've ever had. For the best blowjob it takes time, and it builds up, it includes some light sucking, some ball sucking, some use of the hand(which is sometimes the hardest part because you have to know how much pressure to use and how to work your hand and in what directions), and deep throating. I would love to speak to any women that feel they are experts on deep throating. I would also be happy to speak to any who want to learn that or in general what I feel a good bj is. I have heard from a lot of women that great oral can be as satisfying or more satisfying as intercourse itself, the same is true for me with a great blowjob. Oh, one more thing...a lot of the turn on for me is the woman's attitude about doing it...if she is eager to do it...it turns me on and make the experience greater.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:42

recently, I've gotten better at the whole deep throating thing. I guess it's just practice and patience. You can't try and take him all in the first time you go down, or you will most likely gag. It has to be a gradual thing. If you feel uncomfortable or start to gag, then don't do it. Just practice and take in a little more each time you try, and your reflexes will become more relaxed and things will get easier.

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Posted: 05 Oct 00:42

you know what makes you gag is your tongue not the penis. If you relax your tongue and your jaw you should be fine and I have tried many many different ways and the only thing that works is relaxing the tongue and the jaw. Also you have the ability to control where his penis goes in so when you take it to the back of the throat make sure it is angled down instead of up. Try a few different ways you'll get it but also make sure you tell him to be gentle cuz ramming his penis down the throat like he can to a vagina will do some serious harm believe me Like I said have tried many times. Also you don't have to deep throat the whole time take it out and play with it on your tongue and stuff and catch him off guard once in a while. It goes for a surprise.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:43

Try it with you sitting on a sofa or chair, or putting several pillows under your knees, anything that puts you higher up than when you are just on your knees, so that you will be able to come at him from more of a downward angle. I find that its easier to take more of him in that way than when trying to come from straight on. The angle is more comfortable as far as the gag reflex goes, and it goes down easier. Your head might block his view a bit more when doing it this way, but I think its a fair trade.

Hmm.. I've been in plenty of positions where it has gone down easily..doesn't mean it hasn't still made me gag.. on a positive note though, it definitely has been getting easier the more I try it..and judging by the naughty little text he just sent me earlier tonight mentioning the "oral magic" I performed last time, I must be doing something right :D lol I can't wait to pleasure him again..and I used to HATE giving oral! oh if only he wasn't so far away :(


Posted: 05 Oct 00:43

I love to deep throat my BF and almost always I seem to master it without a gag. He normally HAS to tell me beforehand that it's going to be deep throat session. I find that although his cock is huge (about 8"), I can swallow him by doing the following: I let my head lay backwards and downwards over the edge of the bed and he than can straddle me from the top. He controls the penetration and I control the breathing. It is very deep as his balls normally come to rest between my nose and upper lip. When he ejaculates, he first gives me a mouthful to swallow before intensely thrusting to get the last drop down my throat. It's a sensation that can't be described, only felt.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:43

Deep throat takes good practice. I've been giving my partner blow jobs galore and with that I started deep throating, it was impossible at first, but with practice and relaxing myself it's become a whole lot easier (Watching Heather Brooks porn is really helpful as she is the queen of throat) One tip, is that you shouldn't eat too much before doing this, or else that's going to be one hell of an awkward situation and don't force yourself to go all the way. Eventually you become more relaxed as you practice. Also another tip, drink something warm like tea a couple times before going down, it will drive him crazy.


Posted: 05 Oct 00:43

It took me ages to master the deep throat, with many bad experiences, but here's what I did:
I got my bf to lie on the bed, and I gave him oral from the side, kneeling at the side of the bed, if that makes sense. He's really long, and quite wide, so if I tried simply facing him, it was just too wide for me to deep throat. But from the side it was so much easier, it just went right in!
Also, if you wanna practice on inanimate objects, I suggest trying to find something bigger than he is, so if you kinda even half-master that, it'll be much easier during the real thing! But nothing beats practicing on the real thing, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind either ;) All I have to say is "I wanna practice that thing..again" and he's undressed ;)


Posted: 05 Oct 00:43

Reading all of this, I suppose my bf doesn't care as long as I go down on him from time to time. He's a little over 8" and I suppose average girth, but I can not deep throat him. I take as much as I can, then gag during the session. I suppose I'm different. I have to be in the mood to give him a bj. Even moreso to let him evacuate in my mouth. Swallowing is the last straw lol. I know I give a good bj without deep throating. I like taking my time, using my hand (s) and making him enjoy it. But as someone wrote, most guys don't care what happens when your down there, as long as it's good. It all about knowing your man. I know he loves it because it's special, not something I'm going to do every time. Lastly, he likes when he's climaxing that I not stop. I keep going stroking, sucking him after him after the main load is out of him, until I get every drop from him and IT is so sensitive at that point it kinda makes him squirm with pleasure. Yes I do enjoy doing it for him, I get no emotional pleasure other the pleasing him.

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