OP: What is your fetish?

OK. When me and my girflriend decided to share each other's fetish's with each other, I was took off-guard. She warned me before hand, that it was a weird fetish. And had me not to promise not to laugh and tell her mine (which I promised was probably worse. And it wasn't).

And she has a pissing fetish (water sports). My fetish: Public Sex.

I must admit, my girlfriends fetish disgusted me at first. But now I've sort of became interested.

Now, I'm assuming we're all anonymous here (I am, I know I wouldn't come to a sex forum and tell everyone who I was). So, it would be safe to answer this question.

We all have fetish's that are sort of dirty. That could disgust someone else. So when I ask this question, I don't want some lame answer like "I like my ear licked!". I want a real answer. One that you would be embarassed about if you weren't anonymous.

What is YOUR dirty little fetish?


Posted: 02 Oct 20:41


I've got some fetishes...


I like putting on women's clothes, it feels hot and erotic, it's a private fetish of mine. I like putting on bras/panties, lingerie, skirts, leg pantyhose, blouses, etc. Even women's makeup like lipstick. Try to dress up as a real lady and stand in front of mirror and admire myself. I would never walk out in the public like this or anything dressed up as a real woman, it's just something I like to do privately in my own time. What inspired me to try something like this? I think it was the time when I was a teenager, my younger brother wanted to be a woman for Halloween, so my mother let my brother borrow some of her clothes for him to dress up as a real woman. Straight guys dress up as women for Halloween all the time. That's what inspired me to try crossdressing 'cause it looked fun. I don't have women's clothes at this point since I live alone but I plan on buying some soon. Crossdressing really is a hot way to masturbate and really does give you strong orgasms. I find putting on women's clothes is much more comforable then men's clothing. No wonder transvestites and transexuals love to wear women's clothing. That doesn't make me a transvestite for crossdressing in my own privacy.

Women's backs

A woman's bare back is my favorite part of a woman's body that's non-sexual, it's a turn on when women wear clothing that make their backs expose. I have a fetish for women's backs. I would love to learn to massage and give back rubs. Aw man, it would be mind blowing if I give women back massages with their shirts off and their breasts pressing against my legs. If I ever get the opportunity to sleep with a woman one day, I'd make love to her back up and down all over. It's kind of a same thing with men having a foot fetish with women, but with me, I have a back fetish with women...

Sex with an older woman

I have a fetish for older women. I like mature women very much. I'm 28. I love women between 30-50. There are mature women in middle ages who can be very hot and sexy. Those days with couples of having sex in the same ages are over. There are many couples with age differences out there now.

Sex with a black female

I love black women. If I were to have a serious relationship with a woman, I'd love to have a black girlfriend. I've met some very nice black women in the past that I wouldn't mind dating. I really like dark skinned women. And I hear that black women are much wilder and much better at sex though...

Muscular Men

Another fetish of mine I wouldn't release to the public or anyone I know. Unless of course, if I get a future girlfriend that enjoys "man on man action", then I might take it into consideriation to tell her that I'm a little bi-curious 'cause it may turn her on. I like muscles and working out, I'm average built but not much but I do exercise regularly. But when I see pictures of muscular men like you see in model pictures and muscular magazines, I do kind of get turned on.

There's some I can name. Maybe more later.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:42

Well, I'll be brave.

I always had a thing for the rape fantasy. That is definitely a fetish since most "normal" people would not want to do that. And I'm not saying I would really want to be raped. Have to be careful there. I know if I had been really raped I would feel different about it and I feel bad for women who have actually been raped. It's just a fetish and turns me on, to do a "play rape". Forceful, aggressive, etc..

But then I like playing the dominant role too, on the flip side. I'm not a true sadist/masochist because I would never want to inflict pain on someone, or be in pain. Owww, I'm a wimp. lol. But I do like to slap my boyfriend's bare ass when he's unsuspecting and leave a little handprint.

I also like being spanked.

I've been a bad girl, should I go to your room?

ha ha.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:42

I really have a thing for both taking control and being controlled. I'm not into the full picture of BDSM, but just the very light bondage part. I would love to tie my grilfriend down and just pleasure her in anyway I can. Also wouldnt mind if my girl did the same for me. I'm just too embarrassed to come out with it in case she thinks it strange. We all have our own little quirks.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:43

I'm all over the aggressive, dominant sex thing.... thats HOT. I consider myself to have a very strong personality. In most things and in most relationships, I find myself pushed into the leadership role, whether I want to be or not. But when a man takes total control, forces me to his will, COMPLETLEY dominants me... oh lord! Nothing turns me on more. Just to be clear, this doesnt mean I'm complacent about the whole situation; biting.... hair pulling, fighting back... that just makes everything better!


Posted: 02 Oct 20:43

I just like it when my man is wearing one of his camo print tshirts... mmmmm.... not really a fetish but something that turns me on

Something about army guys...


Posted: 02 Oct 20:43

I've been into rimjobs for a while now, is it just me, I certainly hope not, but a female partner is somewhat hard to find.

Posted: 07 Aug 04:12

I love diaper's, peeing and pooping. I'm a lesbian (23yrs) and my partner she is the same. We have experimented many times with other thing's but we love diaper sex, water sport's, pooping and farting (especially face fart's) and anal play. It's fantastic

Posted: 13 Aug 01:31

Mine is anal and intestinal stretching.
Been at it many years.
Newest toy is 27.5 x 3.3 inches.
That's about 3 liters of volume, or 200 cubic inches.
Took a week or two to get opened up for it, but now I'm almost addicted to it.
Runs up under my ribs on the left side and eventually bottoms out up near my left armpit at about 24 inches. If I keep shoving, the whole thing kinda bends and buckles internally, bulging out on the upper left and lower right of my abdomen.
A 10 inch stroke, sinking @ 27 inches, banging in my upper ribcage is a mind and ass blowing experience.
The pleasure of bottoming out is hard to describe.
You know in that moment that that you are fucking the biggest thing you ever could in your life, and you've gotten several sphincters open almost 11 inches in circumference.
At the sigmoid this is no issue, but at about 18-20 there is the splenic flexure, where the colon should be turning across to the right side. I think with years of training, I have gotten that to stretch and straighten out until my colon probably makes a V shape, from the caecum diagonally straight to my left shoulder then straight down.

To all who buy a toy and think it's too big, no, it's not.
This latest one is very very heavy and enjoy it being unmanageable even as I am getting it inserted.

Some days I do nothing but fuck it and pass out. I really enjoy jamming it in dry or almost dry, having to pull my dry anus open more to slide more dry shaft in.
Some days there's a gusher of mucus and wetness for a long time.
Some days I wake up and jam that rod in first thing, even if I'm not gonna masturbate.
My entire internal left side has become an erogenous zone and needs rubs.

Only attracted to women.
Did get double arm fucked by my ex a long time ago.

Wish I could post pictures of my modified
75 x 8 cm Crackstuffers depth trainer, which I don't just insert, I ride it hard.

Posted: 02 Jul 07:42

Im into foot fetish and everything that goes with it. I just love to see nice women feet. Licking, sucking, geting footjobs. There is something strangly arousing when woman is wearing nylons, the way her heel and soles and toes look in those nylons.
And I love to give oral to my wife. I dont know if it is considerd a fetish but the taste of aroused wet vagina is the best in the world.

Posted: 02 Jul 11:23

I like to be dominated. When my husband starts to spank me and I'm instantly wet. I am into the rape fantasy but I know my husband wouldn't go for it. I also love the idea of him just randomly taking me. Like if we were playing games at a friends house and he asks if he can have a word in private and then we have a quicky.
Some that we have done is have sex in a park. We've had sex with all the windows and curtains open. Once we left my parents place to go pick up dinner and I gave him head the whole drive then we had sex in the parking lot (still in the car)

Posted: 12 Jan 14:19

I like to be dominated. When my husband starts to spank me and I'm instantly wet. I am into the rape fantasy but I know my husband wouldn't go for it. I also love the idea of him just randomly taking me. Like if we were playing games at a friends house and he asks if he can have a word in private and then we have a quicky.
Some that we have done is have sex in a park. We've had sex with all the windows and curtains open. Once we left my parents place to go pick up dinner and I gave him head the whole drive then we had sex in the parking lot (still in the car)

Posted: 12 Jan 14:22

I fantisize of watching my wife having sex with another man , they cum together and he fill her with his cum .

Posted: 05 Apr 16:15

Panties, knickers*.

Love a girl in panties. love groping her through the fabric. Especially of the fabric gets a little moist. Love rummaging in her knickers -down the front or the back. Love pulling the gusset aside for fingering, licking or for fucking. Love a sticky post fuck gusset.

Girls. you dont have to run to she shower after sex. stay around for some sticky dirty fun.

I am brit. in britain girls wear knickers, panties or pants. Underwear

Posted: 11 Jun 14:41

My number one fetish is sharing my girlfriends with other men, it could be just a friend in a MFM threesome or it could be watching 5-6 strangers bare back my steady girl. I wanna first watch my girl fooling around with another man/men as once she makes then cum I want to join in and make my girl finish me off by letting me either cum inside her pussy, ass or mouth, I also love to see myself ejaculate on her face or body.

The first time I shared my girlfriend was after we had dated from around 10 years. I wanted to spice it up so I asked her if she would be interested in a MFM threesome with my best friend....she loved the idea of getting the double dicking since she already knew both of us well. she was a sexy and voluptuous brunette with great 38 DD tits, plus she was pretty fun in bed, she just was never interested in anal or letting a guy cum in her mouth. Anyway I ask my best friend if he would be interested, I already knew he would totally want to fuck my girl, I told him that I talked to Gemma and she was fine with us fucking her bareback. The night of the threesome Gemma dressed up in a white corset, white G sting and white stocking, she wanted to look sexy for my buddy, she didn’t disappoint. She waited upstairs in the bedroom while I talked to my friend about the threesome. I told him to go upstairs without me so he and Gemma could get comfortable without me around. I wanted at least 20 minutes fantasizing about what I would find when I walked in the bedroom. I told my buddy that Gemma loves rough sex, I mean to the point it kinda concerns me I might hurt her. She is super submissive and i told my buddy just to pretty much do what he wants, she will totally comply. I wasn’t disappointed when I opened my bedroom door. My buddy was standing i from of Gemma, she was on her knees with a mouthful of his cock, Brent had both his hands on the back of her head, controlling how deep she took him into her mouth. The hottest thing was seeing my girl make eye contact with me as she sucked my buddy off, she was looking to me for approval, I said out loud how incredibly sexy she looked, the she looked up at my buddy and really started to work his cock while I watched and encouraged Gemma. She again looked at me and asked me if I wanted see her with a mouthful of my friends cum. Knowing she has never willingly let a guy unload in her mouth I just assumed she was teasing us. She then took hhis cock out of her mouth, she looked and me and asked me if I was cool with watching her as she sucked my friend and allowed him something I’ve never done to her, she asked me if it’s alright if she let him cum in her mouth, I totally don’t buy she is going to go thru with it.....I was mistaken....I watched my girl work my friend cock, with her mouth and hand, Gemma looked up and talked dirty to my buddy, she took him deep and it made her gag but she didn’t stop. Gemma would look over at me...then she would would look up at my friend, soon Brent was breathing heavy and moaning....I knew he was getting ready to explode, from years of talking about sexy with my buddy I knew he was a heavy cummer just like me. Gemma didn’t really know the first time she attempted to swallow that it was going to be a huge load. Brent gave her fair warning, grunting hard that he was cumming, he grabbed Gemmas pony tail with both hands and he made her take every inch of his cock while he grunted with each pulse of cum he pumped into my girls mouth. I’m not going to lie, it got me off watching her practically forced to take his massive cum load, I saw cum start to leak out of her mouth and her check dribble down her chest. Gemma pulled away from him, I thought she would pissed, she smiled and looked up at him, she opened her mouth wide to show Brett the mess he made in her mouth, then she looked over to me and she did the same exact thing except when she was looking at me she spit out hhis cum load, down her tits, down between her legs to her pussy. She then thanked my friend and she sweeety told him that she hoped this would t be the last time that we had a threesome. At this point I was rock hard and ready to explode. I asked Gemma what she wanted...she told me that she still wanted from my buddy to fuck her...I told Gemma she can have anything she wants. I could see my buddy was drained but I could also tell that he wasn’t done with my girl. I watched them French kiss and fondle each other. I couldn’t help myself but I started to jerk off and just watch as my buddy pinned her arms above her head as he started to finger fuck my girl, he covered her mouth with his palm to stop her from moaning so much, and then he did something I never expected, he flipped Gemma over on her stomach, he was on top of her quick, he nowhad her arms pinned to her back holding her at the writer with one hand, he then guided his cock into my girls ass, he didn’t ask he just took it....again I got super excited seeing my girl being sodomized, she never told him to stop and neither did I, I just sat there watching him buttfuck the girl I love. I never heard my girl makes such guttural noises, between their moans, the sound of hard body parts slapping, I knew that he wouldn’t last, long. I made her look directly at me and I asked her what was my friend doing, she whispered to me that he was in her ass. I asked her if she liked it, and if she felt like a whore....this. Is when Brett grabbed her from behind and around her neck he started to chock her and I heard him tell her that he was going to cum in her ass, I heard my girl start to beg my friend for his cum. I encouraged him to fuck her hard, my girl was getting a hard cock in her ass that wasn’t mine, she was encouraging another man to deposit his seed inside. She looked at me and told me that she could feel him spurting into her ass, the last thrust he buried it deep and my girl just gave me a wicked smile. I kissed her as she still had Brett deep in her ass. She ask him if it felt good, “fuck yes” was his response. Gemma knew I was ready to explode, she asked me what she could do to get me off. I was kinda torn, I just watched her as she gave my buddy two explosive orgasms, two ways that she never allowed me. I told her that i really wanted to fuck her ass, I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck her cum filled ass. She started to hesitate and make excuses but before I knew what was going on, my body hand one hand covering her mouth, he told her to shut the fuck up, then he said to me, just take it, Gemma started to squirm but my buddy had her on her stomach one hand spreadign her legs...I slide on top of her, i pushed my hips towards her ass, my cock easily slipped in her ass, she yelped a little, I could feel how full of cum my friend left her, it felt warm and squishy. My buddy had her arms pinned down, my hips had her pinned at the waist, I began to fuck her even harder than my buddy did, I saw her look at him as I thrust harder and harder, I called her a slut for fucking my friend, She told begged me to cum, I then pumped her full of my seed, my seed mixing with my buddies, I pumped until every dropped was spent. Gemma asked me if we have another threesome with my friend, she loved it. I loved to see my girl and best friend. We had tons of three ways after that, I use to let them fool around when I was at work, or if they wanted to go away on a weekend.

A couple years later when I took Gemma to Vegas she surprised me. I was down at the pool and she went back to the hotel room to get some sun tan lotion, she bumped into a couple guys that had a room on the same floor. They both on Gemma, she was super drunk and wearing on her black bikini and a towel around her waist. My girl new that I would be cool with her taking on a couple stranger just as long as she told me every detail. Gemma was around 40 and these guys musta been 21 or 22. The got her back to their hotel room and they had her naked within two minutes, both of the guys were inside of her in less than 5 minutes. She said they both had huge cocks, she said that as one of the guys her from behind she sucked the other guy off. She said she thinks the guy that was fucking her was also recording it....She was so drunk she didn’t care. Gemma sucked off the first guy, she stopped sucking him when he was about to cum, she jacked him off and asked him to blow his load on her tits. She told me it was more cum that she had ever seen, I did see some signs of common her bikini top later on. She said after the first guy came, the other guy pounded and pounded and lasted way longer that his friend, she finally Madeleine just him cum by fooling on her back as he spread her legs apart and he fucked her until it hurt...she said she ask him to pull out but Gemma told me he just pinned her down and ejaculated in her....she showed me her bikini bottoms and they were covered in cum....I made her jerk me off as she told me what happened, she brought me close to cumming and then she stopped, she loved telling me about her slutty adventures, she loved seeing how hot it got me, she would always get me off last when she played with other men. She would either suck or jerk me off until she made me explode. I think she preferred getting and watching other men cum to getting her own orgasm.

One time we found a guy on Craigslist....I just want to see her make a complete stranger cum....I didn’t care to see her get off just see her focused on getting him then me off. I asked the guy what his number on kink was....he said he wanted to force a girl, to rape her.....I’m totally dominate so the idea of seeing another man force my girl...yeah I want to see it. I asked Gemma if she was cool with it....of course she turned on by the idea. It’s was kinda hot, I watched him grab Gemma and force a kiss as she struggle, he started to slap her face and that got Gemma super hot so he started to chock her while he kissed her, he threw her to the ground calling her names, like slut and whore, he spit in her face, stick his fingers in her mouth, he pulled her pants down, then he ripped down her panties, and he first had his finger in her asshole, then two fingers. She is laying like she is about to be spanked and he is finger fucker her ass. If Gemma says stop or start to protest he just ignores her or he covers her mouth and tells her to shut up. Soon he has four fingers inside her ass, he has not even touched her pussy yet. As soon as he starts to rub her pussy my girl climax’s....this is one of the few times I’ve seen my girl squirt. I watch Gemma climb off his lap and onto all fours, she has her ass to this stranger and she is looking directly at me. I watch this guy move behind her, he whisper something I can’t here, I just see my girl say yeah it’s okay. As soon as Gemma looks at me I see him shove her shoulders and face to the bed, now she has only her ass up in the air, her grabs her hair and pulls hard as he slide his cock into her. He tells her to tell me that he is not wearing a rubber, she tries to repeat what he told her to say but she is being fucked too hard. I see her body getting rocked, I saw he did have a much bigger cock than me, I can see by her expression she can feel how big he is, she looks back over her shoulder as tells him to fuck her harder. He is hammering now, I watch him as he puts his fingers in her mouth and he pulls back, her mouth open and she is getting rocked, he last a long time, I’m just watching Gemma, she is watching me jack off, she starts to talk to the guy, asking him what he wants her to do, that he can do anything to her, I wonder if she truly means it....I love this girl but I want to see her at her sluttiest, I wanna see her prove her love to me by letting other guys use her while I watch. He tells her he wants to cum on her face, my girl turns around and she is on her knees, she has both hands on his cock, she is stroking him, looking at him as she talks about wanting his cum. She asks him to tell her before he cums. She looks at me as she takes every inch of his COR in her mouth, then she holds it there for about 30 seconds. She must have had him in her throat, she never does that for me, again she looks at me as she does it again , this time not breaking eye contact with me, she does this over and over and she only stops looking at me when it’s obvious he is about to cum, she looks up at him, and gives him permission with her eyes to cum. I hear my girl moan as this guy spills into her mouth, I’m trying count the moans, I wonder how hard she made him cum, I see as Gemma spits out his cum onto her knees. She kisses him and as she looks up at him she tells him thank you. He got dresses and left...I’m sure with a great story to tell his friends.

The next girlfriend I shared was a chubby but cute blonde Milf. I shared her with my best friend Brent many times. I watched as Brett buttfucked her, came in her butt as I came on her face. We double penetrated Isa, one cock in her pussy and one cock in her ass. I watch my buddy five Isa a facial, I watched as he pounded on her ass hard. I asked her if she would suck us both off at the same time and if we could both cum in her mouth at the same time. She did anything that I asked without hesitation. I set up a blow bang that ended up being a bareback gangbang where she fucked and sucked 6 guys, 7 guys if your including me. I didn’t ever expect her to go thru with, let alone enjoy a gangbang. I get off by seeing how far I can make a girl willing go, so even though I did get jealous seeing her enjoy so many guys, I got off even more. Isa wore just sweats and a bra to the hotel room, she didn’t get dresses sexy like I had hoped but she made up for it in enthusiasm. I knew 3 of the guys at the GB the other 3 guys were strangers. ISA and and myself along with one buddy got to the hotel room around 3 pm...we were supposed to start at 6 pm...me and my buddy talked to Isa about what she expected, what we could do to her, she a
She t was alright if nobody wore a rubber, she likes skin on skin and she loves it if a guy cums hard. She promised that she would make sure that she waits until I’m last then she will make sure I get off. She know I wanna see the other guys cum first....that way I can build up a huge load.

I told her I wanted to see her and my buddy before anyone else got there. I’d watched my friend and Isa fool around before. She liked my buddy because he was handsome, great body and he had lots of endurance. I have probably watched as he fucked my girl for hours. I did ask to see if she would let me fuck her ass from behind while she tried to make him cum while sucking him off. I told her I wanted to hold onto her head while I pounded on her and her fucked her mouth. Of course she told me yes.....I watched my buddy on his knees, my girl with her face by his hard cock, I’m watching him jerk off as she licks his balls. I see him grow, while I’m getting hard too. I watch her take him in her mouth, she is looking up at him, giving him permission with her eyes to use her mouth. I tell her I love her, and that she is a slut. I keep talking to her.....I finger her and she is already sloppy wet. My buddy is starting to rock his hips, pushing his cock in and out, he is bigger than I am and I wonder if my girl enjoys the difference. She told me that she like the taste of his cum. She has told me every detail about my buddy, what he likes, what he has asked her to do when I’m not around, what she has done for him...I know all the kindly details. She ttold me me that my buddy asked her if it was okay if he took a picture of her pussy after he came inside of her....she let him take the picture but only if he brought his buddy by when I was at work.....fucking whore...I love her. Before the group got there I watched as my girl sucked off my buddy, I told him when he was about to cum, to force feed Isa, I told him not to let go until she took every drop. I watched and I knew he was close, I saw him girp the back of her head with both hands, I saw her start to panic but I could hear from his grunts he already had unloaded about half, she relaxed and he lossened up his hold.
Right then I heard a knock....it was my two other friends that I’ve already shared Isa with. Both went over to hug Isa, not knowing she just swallowed a load. Now there are four guys and Isa in a hotel room, every one of the the guys has been with my girl. I think all of them have fucked her ass, or used her in some selfish way. I ask Isa if there is something that she likes or wants to happen this time. She tells me she like to make me watch her as she is being forced or rapped...I love the idea. I tell her I wanna see my 4 buddies take her, then I want to see 4 strangers rape you.

I ask her, anything goes, without hesitation she tells us, anything goes, my friends look at me asking for my approval, I tell them to take no mercy on her. Watching my girl struggle to fight off 4 guys was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen. I should say seeing her lose the fight and helplessly look over at me as her pants are pulled off and her panties torn off. I watched her pinned down, one guy holding her arms down, one guy pulling apart each leg as my first friend pushes his cock in her, I hear how wet and sloppy her pussy the is, she is moaning and talking, talking to just my buddy, I wonder what she is saying to him. then, she is talking to the other guys, I hear works like fuck, and harder, my one buddy tells her to shut up and her roughly puts his hand on her mouth and calls her a whore. Then he slaps her and spits on her face....she loves this kinda abuse...my buddy knows this already. I see him as he pushes my buddy off her. I see him raise up on his hands and then he slams deep inside her, he is calling her a cum slut, he asks her how much cum she has taken....once she starts to talk he starts to choke her. I know from how hard he is fucking her that he is going to be close.....he pulls out and she starts to jack him onto her stomach, I can see my buddy shoot onto her stomach, then he shoves it into her pussy, he moans and moans and I wonder how much he just came in her....I see as he rolls . off Isas pussy, I see cum dribble out. Another knock at the hotel room door. II make Isa go to the door, she had put back on her undies and a tee shirt, she opens the door and is face to face with 3 strangers, back in the hotel room are 3 guys she has fucked numerous times. She is stunned, so I invite them in. They can see Isa has already been getting used by the other guys.

Posted: 15 Apr 04:59

My newest girlfriend I have not yet shared with any other guy. She knows my fantasy about sharing her, she is intrigued by the idea of having me and another guy but she is afraid it will so how change my feeling for her. She knows I wants to see her barebacked and used by multiple guys. Clair is a voluptuous red head, that can explosively squirt and she is a swallower. I love this girl so much but I want her to be totally submissive to me or the other guys I set her up with. I’d love to film Claire getting filled with my seed, another mans seed. I want to hold her down as another man forces his cock in her ass. I want to see the look she gives me knowing I’m allowing another man to have her against her will. I want to see my girl as guy after guy, fucks hers pussy, I wanna fuck her after she has been pumped full of other guys spunk.....I’m wanna pound her hard and be the last man she feels unloading in her pussy. I so wanna see my girl looking at me at the same times he is sucking a guy off, I want looking at me while she letting him cum in her mouth.

I’d pay to see her raped....I wanna watch her fight off and lose as her cloths are torn off. As she is forced to the ground, as she is slapped or abused. I wanna jerk off while I watch 4 guys taking turns barebacking her pussy. I want to see her squirm as she feels hot slimy cum and hot breath on her face. I want to watch a man force her to suck....I want to see this guy as he unloads in Claire. I want to knock her out and then let 10 strangers ravish her, her pussy, her ass, her mouth, I just wanna see her covered in spunk

Posted: 15 Apr 05:17

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