OP: Get him open to anal toys

If your guy seems a little shy when it comes to new things in the bedroom, a great way to bring up the idea of sex toys is to casually bring up the issue in a non-sexual environment. This way, it’s conversational and non-threatening. It is easy to find articles in all types of magazines that discuss the use of sex toys between couples and may help him to see that this is not a unusual act, but rather a well accepted one that in no way threatens his masculinity, nor criticizes any of your past experiences together. Sex toys are now widely accepted and available; the world is starting to realize that sex toys offer a unique way to explore our body (as well as our partner’s) and can add a great twist to a regular sex routine.

If your interest is anal play with sex toys, then you may have an additional barrier to overcome. The sometimes taboo area of male stimulation is anal, specifically the prostate. Your guy may not initially be into this, sometimes for the misguided reason that it is often associated with homosexual only activity. That is a shame as anal play can be equally enjoyed whether he is heterosexual or homosexual. If he’s not sure, sometimes slow progress is a great way to go. Start by just doing a lot of ass play. Then the next time you two are together try some anus stimulation without any probing. After that he may be interested in a small amount of finger insertion. Just take things slow and he’ll soon let you know whether it is an area of pleasure, or not.

A tantalizing way to get him involved is to let him watch you use your toys. Many men love to watch women masturbate, especially when he knows he can join in. Touch yourself; bring out your favorite toy. Let him use your toy on you; tell him where you like it, what you like, what you want, how it makes you feel. Show him how to use your anal toys on you. Then if he seems open to the idea, ask him if you can give him a turn. If he says yes, great, if not don’t just give up - sometimes these things take a little while to get used to. Now it’s finally time to enter the world of boys' toys.

Here we’ll look at a comfortable technique for giving him extra stimulation if he’s interested. From either in front or behind of him, stimulate his anus to help the muscles relax. Just as with anal sex (if you have ventured into that domain) it is important that the anus be relaxed and only gentle pressure be used to avoid both physical and psychological injury. Make sure you apply plenty of lube before very slowly and gently inserting your index finger up to the second knuckle. Curve your finger slightly towards his penis from inside. This should allow you to touch his prostate. For continued stimulation use a "come here" type motion against his prostate, tap it lightly, or slide your finger or a slim toy in and out of the rectum, achieving the same type of stimulation. For your own protection or comfort finger cots or disposable gloves can also be used, again with lots of lubrication. Be careful not to use a lubricant that may break down the materials of the glove or the finger cot.

If these tricks do the job to get him interested in sex toys (anal or otherwise) take a look at the range of toys that can pleasure. We don’t think either of you will regret it!

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