OP: doing other things during sex.

Watching TV
Playing computer games
Texting/whats app/instagram etc
talking on the fone

Anyone done this and was it fun/ I have had a girl receive a call from a friend while I was inside her (Girl on top). She just ground me very gently while she chatted for about 2-3 minutes. Strangely erotic. Often wondered of the friend knew!

Posted: 22 Aug 17:37


Umm okay I believe if you are sexual with someone and both enjoying it then TV, phones etc wouldn't even be on your minds surely

Posted: 22 Aug 20:03

@Ariana oh i dont know. sometime we need something a little kinky to add sparkle.

Posted: 25 Aug 17:38

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Posted: 01 Mar 07:17

I totally agree with Ariana.

Posted: 30 Mar 12:36

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