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I didn’t know in what forum to post this
Me an my new girl friend are both disease free
An have sex only with each other, we would like to get
Some of our blood like a few ounces and have sex while licking it off each other’s
Body, and drink each others blood. those any body have suggestion how we can get our blood in a safe way
And if it’s an issue if we have different blood types (we do not know our blood types)
Thank You


Posted: 30 Sep 20:55


Being that I have experimented with bloodplay in my much younger years, I could tell you how to do what you're intent on doing. I won't though. What I will tell you is that if you two are indeed different blood types, within about 15-30 seconds of your blood mingling it will do some major clotting. (Same reason you can't give people just any old type of blood when doing surgery.) Therefore all you will end up licking off eachother is a lumpy, ugly mess. Not as pretty as the vision you had for the night, is it? Other than that icky mess is the fact that blood was not intended to sit in some fancy little gobblet (or whatever vessel you had imagined drinking it out of) out in the air while you two get it on. It is incredibly rich with the sort of little nutrients that bacteria and molds (and everything else you'd never want to ingest) just love. Give them an hour to set up their homes in there and it's not going to be a tasty drink. If you're still intent on doing it, no one can stop you of course. But please give it a second thought. Or third. Or fourth. Listen because I speak from experience, whatever fantasy you have built around this idea has such a low chance of ending up the way you'd imagined it that it might just be better to keep this one a fantasy. Good luck whatever you decide.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:56

One of the main attractions of this site is that it strives to remain nonjudgemental. Most of the people whos posts I have read do an excellent job of fostering the sort of environment that makes it possible for others to seek the kind of knowledge that cannot be easily sought elsewhere. Why is guycr's quest for understanding received any differently than those who would inquire about other fetishes that may not appeal to the masses? He has harmed no one with his question, yet he is chastised and labeled a "sickie" by some of the members here. Yes I understand that people may be curious about the reasoning behind his uncommon fetish and may naturally question him about it, but there is no reason to over-react and demand that the moderator step in and start revoking constitutional rights. The issue of liability is completely nonexistant since no instructions were ever even provided by myself or other posters. Furthermore, anyone who was not entirely daft would realize that any time that a person engages in an activity in which blood is drawn or shared, there are innumerable negative consequences that can result. Judging by guycr's posts, he has shown himself to be of more than enough intelligence to know the obvious consequences of his potential actions. His last posting would indicate that, as he is now informed of some of the lesser-known side effects, he may choose not to partake in bloodplay. Whether he does or not is his own personal decision and it doesn't make him crazy or sane either way. It also doesn't mean that anyone has a right to judge him or his particular fetish. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would much rather have someone ask a question like his and gain the knowledge to make an informed decision than have them break out the knives and play it by ear. When people are ostracized to the point where they stop asking for advice and information about risky practices, THAT is when accidents happen and lives are lost.
I will climb down off my soapbox now, but I ask you to keep something in mind when you reply to future posts that you may not agree with. The thing that makes this site stand out from the rest of the pack, the very thing that makes it worth coming back to time and again, is the lack of judgemental bickering and hypocritical name-calling that pervades just about every other board out there. Let's keep it that way.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:56

There are more of us out there who "feed" on our love's blood. Aside from the "vampire-esk" comments and perceptions, you are CORRECT about fluid exchange being very common during sex, so why not blood.

For me and my lover, we've actuallymoved beyond the sex when we do blood play. I use scalpels on the back and other parts and the entire process is VERY INTENSE and spiritual!

Just always use CLEAN and STERILE instruments, have alcohol and peroxide handy for pre and post play, and of course, some anti-biotic ointment for healing! You may also want to explore this fetish with your local bd/sm community. We ARE out there! Feel free to email me with any other questions you have.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:57

Any tips on using razorblades?

Posted: 02 Oct 21:44

I have enjoyed blood sports for many years. Yes it's kinky, yes it's risky, and YES there are things you need to do that can make is "safer."

1) DO NOT USE RAZOR BLADES. The thickness of the razor will cause a wider and deeper cut and it's tough to keep control with a razor.
2) Consider using a scalpel. The handle is longer, is easier to handle, is sterile, and the thickness ofthe blade significantly reduces any scaring.
3) Make sure you use alchohol on any are you choose to cut. Do NOT hold or use the scalpel during actual sex. THe risk of a deep incision is too high..do you cutting first, then play in the blood.
4) Have a bottle or peroxide ready for post-cutting cleanup. Also you may want a small tube of neosporin to help erase any small cut.
5) DO NOT CUT MORE THAN 2 layers of skin. Practice on a peach ..the skin is thin and you can learn to guage how deep to cut there before u try it on a live body.
6) NO DRINKING OR DRUGS WHEN DOING BLOOD SPORTS. That also includes caffiene. This may sound obvious..but it needs to be said.
7) Have a safe word when you are cutting. If your partner says STOP....STOP!

There is an alternative to cutting and that's called "Edge play" This is when you use a knife of some sort. This play is limited to just the very POINT of the kinfe ..not the edge. Again, a kinfe blade is very thick and so you don't want to run the blade itself across any skin as it will cause a DEEP wound that in most cases will require stiches. WHen i use my knives during play, i actually DULL the edge to virtually eliminate the risk of a laceration. Running the point of the knife across the skin and putting a nice scratch on the body is a huge turn on, and the visual is an equal rush for me and my partner.

Again, this is a VERY ADVANCED level of kink play and needs to be approached with a great deal of preparation, complete acceptance by your partner and clear communication.

Done correctly, this can be an very intense, spiritual form of erotic play.


Posted: 02 Oct 21:44

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