OP: Feedback on Priorities?

Would love some feedback on what people think should be the priorities... some of the things on the to-do list include:

Comment Replies
Comment Voting
Forum Post Voting
Member Following
Adding the checklist buttons to regular pages
More 'standard' positions
Special position sets: in the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen... etc...
Adding other ethnicities (to break up the white on white everywhere).
A nude edition of the positions
Polls & Surveys
Improving dashboard area on mobile.
More avatars (if so, please add some detail)

... and a whole lot more.

If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Posted: 12 Dec 22:28


Editing your own Posts and Comments.... !!!

Posted: 15 Dec 20:53

Automatic link handling for posts and comments... aka make the url a link once the post is confirmed not to be spam.

Posted: 15 Dec 21:33

I would love to see Bondage positions
More 'standard' positions
More Special position sets, in the car is a great.
A nude edition of the positions
Polls & Surveys

Posted: 08 Mar 04:53

If there are any standard positions you like that missing, please send links through the contact form if you are able... I have a list of about 30 or so to add at the moment.

For bondage I was thinking a position section showing different ways to tie up your partner... which guessing by your username, is what you have in mind?

Any preferences on specialty sets? I was thinking "the kitchen island" and "in the tub" next...

Nude is going to take nearly a full month of rendering to do... but I would like to have it as an option for Patrons... since they should be above legal age / that would prevent problems with minors.

Polls used to be on the site.... and they got removed a long time ago because the software being used stopped working / the company who made the software shut down. I would like to add them back... I've just been hesitant since they aren't that great until they have a fair amount of responses.... but then again, they won't have enough responses until I build them.

Thank you kindly for the feedback!

I also need to add the functionality for replies to send out emails...

Posted: 10 Apr 20:07

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, but you should ask for ideas on how to make this site more current. In the short time I've been here, I've only seen perhaps 5 poster and responses that are less then a month old. I think the latest ones are mostly between th MOD and I. My friend told me about this site months ago. In talking with her last week she said she has not been on because there's nothing new, and it's all old postings.

Posted: 18 Apr 13:25

Getting users to engage is pretty tricky now-a-days.... since most people spend most of their time on the social giants.... and much less time on smaller forums. This is made worse by most people surfing the internet on phones (nearly 75% of traffic!), and forums aren't the most mobile friendly creations. On top of those problems, there is also the gaining traction problem. It takes people posting to get others to engage... which you and Magda have been doing a great job with so far... If a few others come on board, that should help gaining enough inertia for it to come back to life.

The new site has over 1400 members registered, but I'm assuming most are only here for the bucket list... and all of the above has kept people from getting more involved.

Once the polls get some more activity, I plan on building some cross-tabulation functionality so that we get some interesting insights into society at large... though it will take a fair amount of data in them before it can happen.

I also need to get on building the notification system so that people can get alerts to replies on topics they're involved in... and would really like to create some sort of profile type functionality to let people have their own sex blogs through the site....

Do you have any ideas on making the site more current?

Posted: 25 Apr 19:38

I'll add in a vote for "Adding the checklist buttons to regular pages". Also going the other way, adding search and/or categories to the checklist items. If we do a position we've never done before, but didn't initially find it from this website, it can be a lot of work to go through nearly 20 pages of "To Do" to find it. Also when we want to try something new but have an idea of roughly what we want (fellatio, cunnilingus, rear entry, facing, her on top, etc...) it would be nice to go to the "To Do" list and filter it to only what we want.

Posted: 07 Sep 11:08

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