OP: Implantation and bleeding during pregnancy

I am a little concerned about the possibility of being pregnant. On aug. 11 my husband had sex with a condom that expired in 2012. This was three days after my period had stopped. On September 1 I thought I got my period but the strange thing was that is was early and for the past like five or so months I've been really late. It was a light to heavy the first day and somewhat heavy the second day and really light the next three days til it stopped. Then just 20 days after that period I'm bleeding again as of friday. its not heavy. In fact it's like starting and then stopping in the afternoon it seems. I can't remember if I had this on the last period but I have lots of brownish clumps in my underwear and the bleeding I see most of when I wipe. This time is just odd though cause I started bleeding Friday and had a little bit and didn't even need a pad Friday night.

I went to Disney the next day and I bled during the day and then at night barely anything. So Sunday morning I had nothing and in the afternoon I used my vibrator and had like five orgasms. Then the bleeding started again while I was using my vibrator. Today all I've had in my underwear is a brownish clot and it seems like its not as much when I wipe anymore. I'd like to know if its possible that what I thought was a period sept. 1 could be implantation bleeding and why am I bleeding again so soon after my last period. Is is possible to bleed after implantation bleeding. Or is my body just out of whack and my periods are trying to regulate? I was birth control pills for five years and I got off them in the middle of 2012.

My periods were always irregular in my teens and I thought the pills would help regulate me but they've been like all over the place since I've gotten off bc. It started like 49 days apart then 50, 66, 41,33,37,32, skipped July, 36, and then 31 days to the one I thought was sept. 1. I've also lost 35 pounds since may if its important. Lately it's really hard to loose weight though. I've been around the same few pounds for a week. is there any possibility that I'm pregnant or am I just paranoid about the condom thing? I don't have any pregnancy symptoms that I notice but this early bleeding thing is worrying me cause I haven't spotted since my teens. I'm 28.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:15


1. See your gyn
2. Most likely not a pregnancy but any time a penis has been in a vagina, pregnancy is possible. Women have even had periods throughout a "normal" pregnancy.
3. It sounds as though your body is still adjusting to the absence of the hormones or, more likely, has returned to its previous normal - erratic periods.
The brownish clumps indicate "old" blood that may have been left over from your last, incomplete period. If your periods are not giving a complete flush of the endometrium, there will often be spotting throughout the month. The hormones were, for years, keeping you regulated but your body, left to its own devices, is not doing this.
Either way, pregnancy or dysmenorrhea, you need a consult with a gyn. The above description is excellent and should give the doctor most of what is necessary but other tests are indicated.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:16

Thanks. I did go to the gyn today and took a pregnancy test and its negative. She said I could have just had a very light period period. She said basically what you said just my body going back to its normal erratic periods. she put me on a new poll this time and I hope I don't gain back the weight I lost.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:16

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