OP: Starters guide to anal play


Ball playing has various aspects to it. The first is to massage the scrotum and to also gently pinch a piece of skin between thumb and finger while kneading. The second is to scratch an area of the skin using one of two types of scratching. The first type is to use a "come here" movement of the fingers; the second is a "back off" movement, or the reverse action. The finger nails will gently scratch the surface of the skin and provide two distinct sensations depending upon the type of finger action used. You can do one or more of these actions to different parts of the scrotum's sac. To scratch, just pick up a piece of the sac. and stretch it between your thumb and fingers, then scratch in between. Most guys scratch themselves, sometimes being quite obvious about it.


The scrotom is rich with nerve endings. It feels good to scratch the skin, it feels good to knead the skin, it feels good to cup and hold the "package", it feels good to lick and lap the sac.

How you proceed depends a lot on the state of the scrotum. As you know, it is the structure that contains the "factory". As such one of its rolls is to maintain a proper operating temperature within. It does this by changing its size. When the environment is cool, the sac contracts hugging the body closely inorder to maintain the necessary warmth. When the environment is warm or hot, the skin of the scrotum relaxes and expands its size many times so that the testicles will drop down into a cooler environment, away from the body's core. The scrotum will extend or contract automatically in response to the adjacent air temperature. The scrotum can assume and maintain any size in between a full dangle and a tight hug.

A tight scrotum feels quite different from a relaxed one. When the sac is taut, the skin is wrinkled or corrogated, caused by the excess skin being folded up. When the sac is fully extended and the balls hang low, it feels more maluable and softer. Because the testicles are at the bottom, you have a lot of skin to play with without having to involve them or be concerned about handling them inadvertantly.

No matter what state you find your guy's scrotum in, you can have fun with it and with his balls. When the scrotum is fully extended, you can lick and lap the skin's entire surface taking your cues for what to do from his reactions. You can let your tongue glide lightly over the surface of the skin using the flat of your tongue or just the tip. Whatever works.

When the scrotum is compact and tight against the body, you can work the same magic. In all positions, begin doing what pleases you and then combine that with what pleases him. You can use a dry tongue, and/or you can use a wet tongue, and/or you can use a lot of saliva and do some slurping.

It is much easier to involve one or both testicles when they are hanging low, away from the body. You can encircle the scrotum pinching off one or both testicles and then involving them as you lick or lap the pouch they are in. You can also let your teeth scratch the surface of the skin and if he isn't too squimish, you can try gently nibbling a piece of the sac or a testicle through the skin.

One way to whet his interest is to let your tongue trace along the surface of the scrotum from the bottom to the top--and then continuing up along the bottom surface of the of the shaft to the tip of the Glans. Want more? Combine this action with a hand job and perhaps ending with some oral stimulation of the Glans. More, more! OK, then reverse this by combining the Dynamic Duo of a combined hand/blow job along with some scrotum action.

So, how's he doing up to this point? Is he putty in your hands? Is his climax just moments away? Is he about to have his first orgasm, or, is the next one just another in a multiple string? Consider combining all of the above with what follows in the next section.*

So, if you want to know more about what he likes, just ask him. That's it for the scrotum.


What you can do with one or both testicles, later, when he is right on the brink of an orgasm is to take one in your hand and gently squeeze it. Now, guys, before you go "OH GAWD, NO!", please understand the method to the madness, so to speak. There is a fine line between pain and pleasure and it is this condition that can be arousing when done properly. Done incorrectly, it will be the cause of a major male nightmare!

Here's the key: The testicles are much more sensitive to impact than pressure. Ordinarily, when we are not aroused, a gentle squeeze will cause a mild although annoying little ache. When this is done when we are very aroused, this same ache is perceived by the brain to be extremely pleasurable. *It is this ache that can be used to jump-start an orgasm, particularly an elusive orgasm like the second or third in a multiple string.

Here's the trick: Practice squeezing a testicle when he is not aroused and stop when he states that you are causing this annoying ache that has yet to become really painful. You do not want to do that. Then note how much pressure you are applying so you can duplicate this when he is approaching his orgasm. This same ache will then be perceived by the aroused pleasure center in the brain to seem pleasurable and it will augment or intensify those sensations he is experiencing from your other caresses being done at the same time. **


** Massaging the prostate gland has the same effect, although there is no pain involved--just the "after burner" kick to whatever else is being done to caress him at the same time.

The prostate gland is located about two inches inside and along the front wall just beneath the lining. It feels like a small walnut-shaped protuberence or bulge.

A prostate massage can be done anytime; however, the effects are best and most intense when the man is very aroused and nearing the trigger point of his orgasm. A prostate massage will help jumpstart an elusive climax and it will also greatly intensify the sensations he is experiencing from his partner's other caresses being done at the same time.

If you want to help trigger an orgasm and give it a tremendous boost then try either of these two orgasmic intensifying methods. If he is having difficulty climaxing for whatever reason, or this is the second or third orgasm in a multiple string, you will find that either method will be a big help.


Here are the keys:

1.) Use plenty of lubrication.
2.) Tease the outside of the anus, first even before being very highly aroused.
Condition the anus to accept a finger or dildo being inserted.
RELAX. A person will sometimes tense up the sphincters when someone is "probing"
around the anus. It doesn't matter whether s/he is a lover or a medical practitioner.
Make a conscious effort to relax as the finger applies pressure against the opening
3.) Insert a well lubricated finger, first, before anything else.
4.) Use pressure. Never attempt to shove, jab, or poke anything inside.
5.) The sphincter muscles inside the anus along the passage way are used to matter moving outward, not inward. So, be gentle. The finger is also used to "condition" them so that they will let a finger or toy in, first.
6.) What is good for the Gander, is good for the Goose.

Any time pain is felt, you should stop and reapply some lube and spread it to the affected area. You never want to cause pain or discomfort and to chafe the lining. Anal sex should be pleasurable and pain free!

In regard to #1.) above: If you believe you are using a lot of lubrication--add a lot more!

Many times, fingering is all a person or a couple is interested in; however, if you want to play with a dildo or toy in addition, it should always follow a finger--and be well lubricated.

When planning to insert a finger, tease the outside of the anus, first, and then over time, gently apply pressure, moving ever so slowly inward. If fingering the anus and sphincters is all you are interested in then you need go no further than the first or second knuckle. Both men and women can enjoy nothing more than anal stimulation. A finger can tease the outside of the anus, and, later if desired, go inside as noted. If your wish is to remain outside, then you can bring much pleasure by just touching, grazing, tapping, and otherwise just fingering the outside surface. Regardless of gender, an anus is richly endowed with lots of sensitive nerve endings that react pleasurably when touched--especially the more aroused and turnede on the person is. Going inside increases the intensity by an order of magnitude; just stroke, wiggle and wobble your finger in the passageway alongside the sphincter muscles. (See #5, above.)

If you are going to provide your man with a prostate massage, then slip further inside and feel for the bulge along the anterior {front) wall. Ask him for guidance. He will tell you when you've made contact. His subsequent actions will convey the pleasure that contact is having upon him. There should be no doubt because he'll probably be moaning, groaning, doing pelvic lifts, and/or just squirming around..... As the instigator of all this exquisite pleasure, your other hand and/or mouth should be kept busy pleasuring him in other ways. It is when you combine the two types of caresses that a prostate massage or the ball squeeze work to intensify what he is experiencing and enjoying, and this is by several orders of magnitude!

Lastly, and this pretty much goes without saying: When you plan on playing around with the anus, bathe first.

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