OP: Polls are now live!


Polls are now live, anyone can view them but only members can vote. Please let me know if you run into any problems, or have any requests / feedback.

Posted: 19 Apr 15:09


Nice! is it possible to add sorting and or searching?

Posted: 20 Apr 16:48

Yes... I have that on the very long to-do list... but will bump it up on the priority on it.

Also: 4 new polls added today:

How do you like your partner's pubic hair?
- https://sexinfo101.com/polls/partners-pubic-hair

How do you keep your own pubic hair?
- https://sexinfo101.com/polls/own-pubic-hair

What do you consider the sexiest part of a woman?
- https://sexinfo101.com/polls/sexiest-feature-women

What do you consider the sexiest part of a man?
- https://sexinfo101.com/polls/sexiest-feature-men

Posted: 25 Apr 19:21

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