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I am a 68 y.o. male who has considered himself very sexual. However, as with many as they age, I am unable to have sex the way I would like. I do not expect to perform as I did 20 or more years ago, but I do still have the desire. I do suffer somewhat from ED most likely due to my BP meds and although I can still easily get an erection, I have difficulty maintaining it long enough for insertion. I still perform very well orally and can easily achieve orgasm by self-stimulation. My sexual partner who is also my age is very understanding and enjoys when I go down on her and returns the favor. She says she likes oral more than intercourse but I feel she is just saying that so I won't feel disappointed by not being able to penetrate her. And just to add we have not been together but a few months. I'm sure there are others of you out there in similar situations and would like to hear from both males and females who are like me and would share what they do with their partner.

Posted: 03 Oct 02:33


Have a full medical. ED can be a symptom of underlying health issues. get the doc to do a blood test for testosterone - you may need a top up s mens testosterone fades with age.
Then get fit. If you cardio-vascular is in good nick then your sex will be better. There is such a thing as getting fit for sex!

Posted: 14 Mar 11:19

breathing exercises and morning exercises , warm - up can help a lot as it will affect the flow of blood and oxygen , which will have a positive effect on potency and endurance

Posted: 28 Feb 10:49

Re my post above re testosterone. Read the patient leaflet. Testosterone is bad for you if you have liver problems, or blood clotting disorders. or a family history of either.

Posted: 01 Apr 16:48

Sex for senior citizens is a controversial topic, but one that should be discussed openly and honestly. While many seniors may not be comfortable discussing their sexual lives, it is important to remember that sex is a natural and normal part of life for many older adults.

Posted: 11 Apr 13:40

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