OP: worried she measures up to others

I would like to hear what everyones take is on my situation. Ive been with my g/f for 2 years and she was my first everything. However she has more experience than me, although i was her actual "first". I keep thinking about how she measures up to others, or rather what it would be like with another woman, mainly because i know she has more experience than me. I feel jelous about her experience, and am contempalting cheating on her, only oral but (not that thats any better). Although i know this would make her extremely upset, and i would be guilt ridden. I still feel the need to experience what it would be like with another woman.... any advice, or past experiences would be a great help.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:44


I wish you would tell us how old u are. Age does matter when it comes to overall life experience.

Bottom line? If your desire for sexual conquest and experience is more than your fear of losing your GF, then you should tell her that you want to see other people.

She will deicide if that's what she wants..andjust know, you could end up breaking up.

But, once u start cheating, it will only get easier. Because, lets just say u find a gal some nite, you chat, u meet, u have sex (oral, vaginal, whatever) and you LOVE IT. It's better than the sex u have with your current GF..then what? Keep cheating on her behind her back? Stop? I don't think so.

you can't have your cake and eat it too. I totally understand why u feel the way you do, but u have to be fair to her, yourself, and any sexual partner you have in the future!


Posted: 30 Sep 23:45

Im 19, shes 18. I guess the main reason i feel i need to is because ive never experienced anything other than her, and i would prefer to have more experiences before we get married, or anything like that. I think that i would be guilt ridden because i love her so much, but at the same time i would feel releaved to have experienced something else. I think that i would be much more satisfied with having more than just one sexual partner, although i would only be a one night thing. I would be much more at ease with myself as a person knowing that i have had something else, no matter how small. I know that it would hurt her incredibly, but i dont think i would every be happy with myself.... any advice???


Posted: 30 Sep 23:45

yes your "one night" could be great or could be eh alright.
but is that worth losing the great girl you have now???
and who's to say it would be just "one night" like Rawbob said.
so dont make up your mind to cheat on your g/f that isn't even an option. either tell her you want to see other people and experience new things, or be happy w/ who/what you have and focus your energy on that.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:45

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