While this is my preference, nothing is more sexy or sexually stimulating than watching a woman pleasure herself. I am 68 and cannot perform like I once could due to ED, so I resort to other forms of play. I will turn my head around to where it is close to her vagina and watch her masturbate, especially if she is penetrating herself with a toy or fingers. I also masturbate and we both will cum. My current lover is also 68 yet she gets turned on so easily like girls I knew in their 20's. I am considering purchasing a cock ring to see if I can maintain an erection enough to penetrate her. She says she likes oral the best, and that I can still do no problem, but I feel she is saying that to not hurt my feelings and would love a good push-up session. But to your original question, any type of sexual play is good and no need to feel inadequate.

Posted: 09 Nov 03:24