OP: Condom Preferences?

As i said in another thread, I've only been having sex for a little over a month. I'm in a committed relationship with a girl I really really really love.
Anyway i'm kind of curious what condoms people prefer as theres a staggering array of different brands and options.
In the time i've been having sex i've used Durex extra sensatives and Trojan Ultrathins. I found that the Durex ones had a lot more lubrication which can be good and bad, easier to put on but also more prone to me accidently slipping out of her especially when she's on top. The Trojans seemed almost under lubricated in that they were kind of uncomfortable to get on and off, i even had two snap in the process.
anyone else have recommendations or preferences on condoms?


Posted: 29 Sep 20:53


I like flavoured :D gives them more than one use! Especially since in my relationship we use them so he lasts for hours and can go hard/fast to make me come without making him finish too fast, not for birth control.

I want to try the ribbed/sensation/warming/ridged/etc condoms, because normal ones are too smooth. I dunno about other women but I feel a difference between a guy wearing and not...and I definitely prefer without.


Posted: 29 Sep 20:54

I urge people to use polyurethane condoms. There is no performance or protective difference from latex. My reasons are that some pepole have a latex allergy and this can cause some loww level irritation with no apparent cause. The other is that latex is quite abrasive at a microscopic level. Normally, no big deal. For those crazy weekends when we go through a dozen or so, the poly condoms will cause less discomfort than the latex for the woman.

Un-lubricated are preferred because then they have no taste during oral and the woman should be inserting spermicidal jelly in her vagina. There is not sufficient spermicide on pro-lubed condoms to make a real difference in protection.

As for colours, ribs and whatever, I have never noticed a difference. They are essentially irrelevant.


Posted: 29 Sep 20:54

well i absolutely hate those "lifestyles" condoms, they suck :rolleyes:

i have never used trojan, my two favorite are Kimono and Beyond Seven.


Posted: 29 Sep 20:54

i personally prefer trojan. i have a lot of friends who use trojan. they seem to be the overall trusted one of all the condoms...but i'm pretty sure that's due to the fact that you can find them just about anywhere and they're more popular because of that.

i don't really have a preference really. not really a ribbed person (granted, i've never tried ribbed. lol) but hey, if that's all you got, that's all you got. atleast it's something.

spermicide is good, especially if there's a case of "oops" and some sperm leaks out of the condom. i've personally never used it. know a few people that have and some had some allergic reactions to it while others didn't. so me, personally, since i do have somewhat sensitive skin, am just going to stay clear of it since i don't want a allergic reaction down there. that wouldn't be fun to explain. lol.

edit: and there's always this caution...
Spermicidal Lubricants Are For Extra Protection Against Pregnancy. Spermicidal Lubricants Are Not For Rectal Use Or More-Than-Once-A-Day Vaginal Use.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:52

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