OP: Disposable Diaphragms

There are now a few companies in the world manufacturing disposable contraceptive diaphragms. They are precoated with both spermicide and microbicide making them both contraceptive and prophylactic. Testing has been in progress for about ten years in the US and several developing countries.

The first to be approved for sale is made the makers of the Instead menstrual cup and looks very much the same but less deep. Others look more like a traditional diaphragm. The government approval is only in Russia but other countries will likely follow. The microbicide is effective against common bacterial STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea) and, supposedly against viral disease such as HIV/AIDS.

The effectiveness that is being claimed is greater than any diaphragm ever (I want to see the data) but is big news for highly diseased parts of the world. This could be the beginning of a comeback for the diaphragm which has largely fallen into disuse because of hormonal birth control and IUDs.


Posted: 30 Sep 03:36


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