OP: Some Kinky Sex Ideas?

Wondering If Anyone had any ideas or experiences on some kinky things to try


Posted: 03 Oct 07:46


My first response is to say use your imagination. If that fails -

Here's an A-Z (with a couple of numbers thrown in) of kinks and fetishes. Some are fairly tame, some are kind of wild, some are too wild for me.

1950s Household,
Abduction, Abrasion Play, Accents, Age Play, Anal, Anal Beads, anal chastity, anal hooks, Anal Sex, Anal Stretching, anal training, androgyny, anime, Anonymous Encounters, armbinders, armpits, Art Erotica, artistic cutting, asian, Asphyxiaphilia, Ass Play, Ass to Mouth, Ass worship, attention, Auralism,
Bald Girls, Ball Gags, Ball Kicking, Ball Stretching, Ballbusting, Ballet Boots/Shoes, Bare Bottom Spanking, Bare Handed Spanking, barefoot, Bastinado, Bathroom Use Control, BBW Bondage, BBW/BHM, BDSM, begging, behavior modification, bellydancing, belt spanking, belt whippings, Ben Wa Balls, big tits, Bimboification, bisexuality, Biting, black men, BLACK WOMEN, Blindfolds, Blogging, Blood, Bloodplay, blow jobs, blushing, Body Hair, Body Modification, Body Paint, Body Worship, Bondage, bondage art, Bondage Equipment, Bondage Tape, Boot, boot blacking, Boot licking, boot worship, Boss/Secretary, Braces, Branding, Brats, Breast Bondage, Breast Spanking, breast whipping, Breast/Nipple Torture, breastfeeding, breasts, Breath Play, breeding, Bruises, Bukkake, bullwhips, Burlesque, Business Suits, butches, Butt Plugs,
Caging/Confinement, Candle Wax, Caning, Caressing, Casting, Castration, catheters, Catsuits, CBT, Cell Popping, Chains, Chakra energy play, chaps, Chastity, Chastity Devices, cheerleading uniforms, Chocolate, choking, Cigars, Clamps and Clips, claws, Cling Film, clit pumping, clit spanking, Clit Torture, Clothespins, Clover Clamps, Clowns, Cock and Ball Torture, Cock Milking, cock slapping, Cock Worship, cocksucking, Collar and Lead/Leash, Collars, Consensual nonconsent, control, Coprophilia/Scat, cornertime, Corporal Punishment, Corset Cinching, corset piercing, corset training, corsetry, Corsets, cosplay, Costumes/Dressing-up, Covert Bondage, crawling, creampie, crops, Cross Dressing, crucifixion, Crying, Cuckold, Cuddles, cum, Cunnilingus, cunt torture, Cunt Worship, Cupping, Cutting, cyber sex,
D/s, Dacryphilia, Daddy Daughter roleplay, Daddy/girl, damsels in distress, decorative cutting, Deep Throating, Defilement, Degradation, Denim, Depilation/Shaving, Diapers, Dildos, Discipline, Doctor/Nurse Play, dollification, Domestic Servitude, Domination, Double Penetration, Douching, Duct Tape,
E-Stim, Edge Play, Electrical Play, Electrotorture, emotional masochism, Emotional Sadism, Encasement Fetish, Enemas, Energy Play, erotic hypnosis, Erotic Literature, Erotic Photography, Exhibitionism, eye contact restrictions,
Face Farting, Face Fucking, Face sitting/smothering, Face Slapping, Facial Hair, Fear, Feathers, feet, Female Ejaculation, female humiliation, Female Supremacy, FemDom, feminization, Fetish Models, Fetish Wear, fetnights, Figging, fingering, fingernails, Fire Cupping, Fire Flogging, Fire Play, fish hooks, Fishnets, Fisting, Flashing, Flesh Hooks, Flirting, Flogging, Food Play, Foot Massage, Foot Worship, Foot/Feet, forniphilia, Freckles, French Maids, fucking machines, Fur,
Gagging/Choked by Cock, Gags, Gangbangs, Gas Masks, gay bondage, gay sex, geeks, Geisha, gender play, genital piercings, genital torture, Glass Dildos, Glasses, glory hole, gloves, Golden Showers, Gor, Gorean slave positions, Goth, graphoerotica, Grooming, group sex, Gun Play,
hair, hair bondage, Hair Pulling, hairbrush spanking, Handcuffs, handjobs, Hands, Hanging, head shaving, hemp rope, Hentai, High Heels, High Protocol, Hojojutsu, hoods, hook suspension, Hot Oil Massages, human ashtray, Human Doll, human furniture, human toilet, Humiliation, Humor, Hypnosis,
Ice Cubes, impact play, Impregnation Fantasy, Incest Play, Infantilism, Infidelity, inflatables, intelligence, Internal Enslavement, interracial sex, Interrogation,
Japanese Bondage,
Kicking, kidnapping roleplay, kilts, Kinbaku, Kissing, Kitten Petplay, Klismaphilia, kneeling, Knife Play, knives,
lace, Lactation, large labia, Large objects, Latex, Leather, Leaving marks, legs, Lesbian Domination, Librarians, Light Bondage, Lingerie, lipstick, liquor, Lycra/spandex,
Maid, Maid Uniforms, Makeup, Making Home Movies, male authority, male submission, martial arts, Masks, Masochism, Massages, Master/Slave, Masturbation, Medical Play, Medieval Devices, Mental Bondage, metal, military, military interrogation, Military Uniforms, mind control, Mind Fucks, Mistress/slave, mistresses with strap-ons, mommy/boy dynamics, Mommy/girl, Monogamy, Multiple Orgasms, mummification, muscle worship, Muscles, music, Mutual Masturbation,
necks, Needle Play, Nipples, Nudity, Nun/Priest Play, NylonLegs & Feet, Nyotaimori,
Obedience Training, Objectification, Old Guard Slavery, older women, Online Play, Oral Sex, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Orgy, otk spanking, outdoor bondage, Outdoor sex,
Paddling, Pain, Panties, Panty-Sniffing, Pantyhose/Stockings, pegging, Percussion Play, Petplay, Petticoats, phone sex, Photography, Piercings, Piggy Play, pigtails, Pin-Ups, Pinching, Pirates, Play Piercing, Play Punishment, Play Rape, Podophilia, polyamory, Pony Play, Porn, Posture Collars, Power Exchange, Predator/prey, Predicament Bondage, Pressure points, pro domme, Prostate Massage, prostate milking, Protocol, Psycholagny, pubic hair, Public Humiliation, public play, punching, Puppy Play, Pursuit, Take-Down & Capture, pussy pumping, pussy worship, PVC,
RANTS! We make stupid hurt!, Red Heads, Religious Play, Remote-Control Devices, Restraints, Retifism, Riding Crops, Rimming, Rituals, robots, Role Play, Rope Bondage/Suspension, rough sex, Rubber,
Sacred Sexuality, Sadism, Sadomasochism, sapiosexuality, Saran Wrap, Satin, Scarf bondage, Scarification, Scat Play, Scent, schoolgirl, schoolgirl uniform, Scratching, Seduction, Self-bondage, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, sensual domination, sensual play, Sensual/slave dances, sensualism, Service, Service-oriented submission, sex, Sex During Menstruation, Sex In Public, sex in the cemetery, sex in videostore porn rooms, sex magick, Sex Online, sex with strangers, sexual objectification, sexual slavery, Shackles, shaving, Shemales, Shibari, shoes, Silk, Single Tail Whips, Sissification, sissy panties, sissy training, Sister/brother Roleplay, Skirts, Slapping, Slave Bells, slave tattoos, slavery, sleep, sleep assault, sleepsacks, sleepy sex, sluts, small penis humiliation, small tits, Smoking, smothering, snuggling, Socks, sounds, Spandex, Spanking, speculums, Speech restriction, spiritual bdsm, Spitting, Spreader Bars, Squirting, staples, Stockings, Strap-ons, submission, subspace, superheroes, suspension, Suspension Bondage, Swallowing, sweat, swinging, Switching, swords, sybian,
Taboo, Talking Dirty, Tantra, Tattoos, Teacher/Student, tearing off clothing, Tears, Teasing, Tens Unit, threesomes, Tickling, Tit Fucking, tit slapping, toes and feet, toilet, toilet slave, tongue sucking, Tongues, Total Power Exchange, Touching, TOY MAKING, Toys, Trampling, Transexual, transformation, Transgender, Transvestism, Triple Penetration,
Uncut Cock, Uniforms, Urethral Fucking, Urethral Sounds,
vacuum bed, Vacuum pumping, Vaginal Stretching, Vampires, Velvet, Verbal Humiliation and Degradation, Vibrators, Victorian Lifestyles, Victorian pornography, vintage lingerie, Vintage Porn, vinyl, Violence, violet wand, voice play, vomit, Voyeurism,
Wartenberg Pinwheels, water torture, Waterboarding, Waterbondage, Watersports, Wax, webcams, whipping, Whips, WolfPlay, Wrestling, Writing Erotica,



Posted: 03 Oct 07:47

I like doing some little kinky things with my boyfriend. I enjoy my hands being handcuffed behind my back or over my head. I also love him to whip me (not hard enough to bleed or anything, just a little sting). My favorite way to be whipped is to be having sex doggy style so he can whip my back and I can get myself off with my hands if need be. ;) Some people would consider that way too weird to try, and others would consider that not kinky at all, so I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, but that's something me and my bf really have fun with.

Being blindfolded can also be a really interesting experience, because since there's no visual you have to focus on sensation. There are lots of things you can try with that - for example, having the dominant partner really tease the sub with different types of sensation. So, for example, if you were blindfolded, your wife could tease you by stroking and kissing you all over, and telling you not to move at all so that she can have her fun with you. Then she might have a cup of ice cubes and cup of hot tea, and box of altoids. She might take an ice cube into her mouth and then slowly lick and suck your balls with a cold mouth. Then she might suck on an altoid and take your shaft into her mouth (if you've never tried it, it's quite an interesting sensation from what I hear). Then she might take a sip of hot tea and go back to it, and when you rock hard and just dying to be relieved, she can finish you off. You can also do this sort of thing with your wife as the sub.

Good luck!


Posted: 03 Oct 07:48

So I love the ideas that some people have given! I myself am male. I am 20 and currently own 2 dildos, 3 butt plugs, and a few other fun toys. The prostate massage and so on are great ideas, especaily while getting head! If your lady likes anal, have her use a dildo in her vagina while you prod her in the rear :) (excuse the lingo). Cum play is fun. Light bondage to start out with is cool, and should yaall like that, you might learn a little Jap rope bondage (the lighter stuff).

I agree with what EvilEvilKitten said about the communication thing, talk the stuff out. Figure out what kinky things you each like and start havin fun! Theres a world of kinkyness out there for you to try, some will be for you, others not so much.

So i got bored and decided to classify what is kinky on a scale relative to me, if your at all interested.... heres what I wrote.

Everybody at some point of time is asked "how kinky are you?" I know I have been asked it many times, and have asked it many times as well. Although, it is damn hard to really say "im this [ ] kinky" because its all relative. Eventhough kinkyness is relative to a person, Rod and I were hungry and bored and decided to make a rough scale of kinkyness relative to ME. Keep in mind, its all relative, but I will try to make it applicable to as many people as possible using a few basic guidelines. Im sure Im going to miss a few things, or leave some out, but it happens... The guidelines for kinkyness are as follows:

1. Unconventional-

How differnt is it from what what is coined "normal"? I would assume missionary position would be normal sence aobut 90% of people report to using it the most, so everything is based off of it.

2. Shunability-

Relative to society, how much is it shuned. Yes some things are shuned as much as others, but thats what the other catoigory is for...

My rought scale of kinkyness relative to me:

1. Regular Sex:
Missionary, doggy style, and other common positions included. It makes me giggle when I hear to 16 year olds talk about how kinky they were when they tried it from behind... Thats some sad ****... Kids these days..

2. Irregular Foreplay:
69ing and other forms of oral are sometimes harder to bring up that just ****ing. 69ing for example is shuned because of the "lack of romance" sence you faces are dug deep into eachother like an ostrich hiding from a lion. Many people will exclude things like 69ing for this reason alone... (agian, thats some sad ****).

3. Funky Sex::
Obviously, its a little wierd to talk to your bone buddy about wanting to have her get in a handstand position with her legs on the wall while you plung in from above like a kamakazi! Wierd positions, strictly vaginal intercorse also is looked down upon by society's standards due to the lack of "romatic gratifacation" durring the so called "love making". **** you society, Ill be romatic and loving after I cum...

4. Light bondage:
This kind of bondage is little fluffy handcuffs, belts, or hankerchiefs used to tie the hands down, or to just restrict them. This **** can be broken out of easily, and is just there for thought and a little roleplay... It does serve its purpose, dont get me wrong, but im just clarifying why i call it LIGHT bondage... Obviously this is i little wierd for most people, and a bit hard to bring up to a bone buddy (depending on personality), so it is moderately low in my scale.

5. Light Roleplaying:
At some point comes the time where people are comefterable enough to roleplay a spacific charecter, or role. Its a little tough to get into because of the wierdness of it all, and society doesnt really like anyone to be ****ing the **** out of a little slutty cheerleader instead of his girlfriend (even though they are one in the two)... but too ****ing bad.

6. Female Anal:
Heres where we start getting a little kinky. Trust me, its damn tough to ask a girl to let you bone her in the butt, much less talk about anal sex in general. Ya ya, i know, some dont like it, but some do. Some girls can have an orgasam from anal alone, some absolutely hate the feeling, whatever the case, you cant knock it till you try it. Do it right though, or it WILL suck.

7. Harder-Core Bondage:
This **** is not what you use if you want Little Miss Rotten Crotch to get out, nor would you use it if she doesnt enjoy it. Id say this stuff is pretty high on the list due to wierdness, shunability, and its a gateway kinkyness. I mean, using japanese rope bondage on someone can lead to some wierd and freaky **** :).

8. 3-some, and More-somes!!!
How many girlfriends, or boyfriends for that matter, are going to want you to have sex with another girl, or boy? Ya its wierd to talk about unless yaal just dont give a ****, or you two are very secure and are lookin for some sexual enlightenment. Its tough to start to bring it up, and its even harder to ask the 3rd wheel to join in... But thats no reason why it shouldnt be done .

9. The Ability To Be Random:
This is a pretty broad catigory. It includes sex in public places with the chance of getting caught (partys dont count, everone there doesnt give a **** anyways, they would prob ask to join in or watch...) and also includes toys, veggies, vases, lavalamps, making fist a verb, beer bottles and whatever else you can find :). Some people can easily jump to this stage because well, they just cant find a dildo, but when your boyfriend randomly decides to stash his cucumber somewhere other than the fridge, it gets a little kinky... Got an empty beer bottle?? Forget the trash!!(careful with that one though, i dont suggest it due to breakability... if its not pyrex, dont use it).

10. The Taboo of Taboo:
This one is the kinkeyest of all, and can be the boadest of all. It includes many things like sadomasochism (the sexual pleasure from pain), sex clubs, male anal, and other things in the ballpark. These things are hard as **** to bring up in a conversation, to confess that you do (unless your outright proud of it), and really looked down upon in society, hence called taboo... They are usualy rare and hard to develop a like for.

Obviously, this is purly sexual and does not include my opinons on morality dealing with sex vs. relationships, or anything like that really.

There are many things in here that should be slowly brought up, carefuly planned, and though about, and percisely executed due to the ability to emotionly or phisicaly harm the other person, which should never be the goal (unless they get off on it.... ****ing freaks (just jokeing)).

Although many of these things are wierd, I suggest that people try something at every level (and there are more things i didnt include which fall into each level, use your immagination). Sex is fun.... till youve done the same thing for a few months. Diversity in sex is amazing, if a person is truly comfterbal with their partner, they can try any aspect of sex (unless he or she is jsut a tightwadd, but if thats the case they at least a 6 seeing as they have something pretty big up their ass...). Have fun kids!! Be safe :)


Posted: 03 Oct 07:49

Me and my girl both love ADBL or sometime's incest. We both have a brother and have included them in in threesome's in the past. Most people don't like the idea of incest but we love it

Posted: 15 Mar 01:48

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