OP: Found Boyfriends Transgender Porn

Please Help I really could use some good advice. This morning after my boyfriend went to work I came across some of his porn videos. While most of them were the usual stuff I expected to find there were a couple mixed in that quite surprised me. There were three dvds that had trans gender people on the covers. Does this mean my boyfriend is gay? I really dont know how to take this. We have only been dating for three months now and everything is going really well. I was starting to fall in love with him, but this has really thrown me for a loop. Is it normal for straight men to watch that type of porn? PLEASE HELP! I dont know what to do. Should I break up with him?


Posted: 30 Sep 08:24


My initial reaction is to "relax" and here is why: Fantasies are just that and even the most bizarre are not generally harmful if not acted upon.

This does not mean he is Gay. What it can mean is that he has a healthy curiosity and is looking for information. Talk to him and see what he has to say. This is not a matter of sexual orientation only one of male curiosity and of stimulation.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:24

For goodness sake, don't overreact. It certainly doesn't mean he is gay, just curious.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:24

Porn is meant to arouse, and it does just that, in all its forms. One thing may not do it for one person, but do it for another. I personally would just take it as something that he has either interest or curiousity in, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything in regards to your relationship. Best advice I have is to talk to him about it. Just remember that he is entitled to whatever likes or dislikes that he has and try to be non judgemental and certainly do not ask him if he is gay.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:25

It's a girl but in the same way, it's a guy. In a way, the girl knows how sexual pleasure feels for a man because she still has male organs. It's kind of a "best of both worlds"situation.

Have a HEALTHY dialogue with him. Don't go into it saying, "You're sick!" and all the while bawling your eyes out. Go into it acting "curious" about the whole situation. It will make him more at ease. Looking at this stuff doesn't mean he's gay. Some people are into different stuff. As long as he's not viewing horribly disturbing and illegal stuff, it's nothing to be alarmed about.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:25

Does it really matter to you that much if he gets turned on from it? People get turned on by all sorts of wacky things, a few ladies with penis' shouldnt bother you. Im sure their are secrets you have that you wouldnt appreciate him digging up. I am a guy and my girlfriend stimulates me analy somtimes and we are both comfortable with it and she certainly does not think i am gay. Even if he is Bi-sexual, dont let it get to you, it is just porn, hes doing it to help him cum.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:25

Let's face facts, straight porn becomes pretty predictable. Having something outside the "norm" is not that wierd. Although I don't have any transgender porn, I do have bisexual, lesbian (real lesbian, not the stuff made for guys), gay, and many others videos that are specialized. I would never label anyone due to their porn collection.

Buck Naked

Posted: 30 Sep 08:25

Many senarios come from this...to find a chick has a dick is a AWESOME sight to some but why do u have to be gay to have this thought....probably wants to drop to his knees and...well u know the rest...join him!search out a trans girl for experimenting.....broaden your horizons!
watch the DVDs with him..just think of the romp after!:)


Posted: 30 Sep 08:26

I have regular, bi and transexual porn. Wife and i watch biporn together and we both love it. I would either suddly bring it up as your two are fucking, or ask him about it, or suggest you both watch one. he is curious that is all


Posted: 30 Sep 08:26

Technically being attracted to Transwomen still is considered as being "straight" in a strictly gender binary sense. If you're going more broad sensed it'd mean he might be pansexual (I.E attracted to not just one gender but 2 or more in a non binary gender sense) So really don't worry, if he wasn't attracted to you he wouldn't have been with you for 3 months unless he's in serious denial about something but in that case I doubt he'd be able to "perform" at all. So relax and just ask him about it.


Posted: 30 Sep 08:26

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