OP: muscle cramps after sex

nearly every time my wife and I have sex, she ends up with a muscle cramp of some sort. Most of the time these cramps are in her calf or thigh (presumably from the position of her legs) but sometimes she gets them in her side or even her ankles.

Is there any way to decrease the chances of getting a cramp? or a more effective way of relieving them than just massaging them out?

hot-texan 08/24/2011

Posted: 23 Sep 09:25


More potassium beforehand. Increase her hydration beforehand.
But no, massaging is the best way to work them out.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:25

An orgasm is the release of tension (myotonia), in all muscles, built up during the arousal. She is not getting it all released. This, as you seem to suspect, is likely related to position during sex. Even slight changes in position can make a difference. Evil is correct in that rubbing it out is the real solution once the cramping has begun.

It is actually the K-Na balance (potassium-sodium) that causes spontaneous cramping. Most of us are more likely to short of potassium but it can work either way. Next time she has blood work done, have the sodium and potassium levels checked. In the meantime, "sports drinks" help in keeping this in balance.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:25

Another culprit may be calcium defiency or pararthyroid dysfunction, especially if she has frequent cramping of the hands too. It may just be tension in the lower extremitites during some positions for which strenthening and stretching of the effected muscle groups will elleviate over time. However, if this is new for her and continues to be bothersome, she should discuss this with her Dr so the proper blood work can be ordered.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:25

she had a full blood panel done about 4 months ago which revealed she has the very early stages of RA, but she's gotten these leg and side cramps off and on for years. I'll see if she wants to try some sports drinks, but hydration has never really been her strong point.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:26

Plenty of hydration before, during, and after! Also, you will want to look into making slight position changes more frequently, especially with developing RA. Sex is a great pain reliever, but also a pain masker and with the large amount of clenched muscles stressing the connective tissue one can be in a world of pain shortly afterwards and it can take a very long time to recover from that.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:26

Just a note about massaging leg cramps.
Have her flex her ankle and toes as if she were trying to point her toes toward her head. (You can actually position your body so that your chest or leg presses against the bottom of her foot -- but be gentle, you are not trying to flex the ankle any more than is comfortable for her.) Massage the cramp concentrating on strokes toward the heart. You may find that your thumbs have the most strength for this. Use firm pressure but not so much that you add to her pain.


Posted: 23 Sep 09:26

Some times when I orgasm I get the most horrible cramps in the tops of my legs. the only way to discribe the place is in the front where my legs join my body (lol, very technical I know)

I've noticed it a bit when I've masterbated, but never thought much of it, but just lately the bigger the orgasm or more intense the moment becomes the worse the cramps become and I've even had to tell my SO to stop 2 times because of them.

Any ideas?



Posted: 02 Oct 20:16

weird. hmm nothing pops into my head right away as a reason for this.
maybe treat it just like any athlete would.
try to eat bananas or other good sources or potassium to help keep cramps away. also, maybe stretch out a little beforehand..lol... yeah thats attractive i know, but maybe it would help.
good luck.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:17

Sexual arousal is really "myotonia" - a tensing of many muscles of the body. Orgasm is the release of this tension. Sometimes this is a gentle release and sometimes a real intense pulsing as the muscle relaxes. We women are fortunate because there is greater variation in our orgasms than men experience.

The extent of this myotonia can be the entire body - grimacing, toes curling, fists cleching. While it is centered in the lower abdomen, the tension commonly would involve the upper legs. If you commonly have cramps (no, not those) as a result of exercise, the dietary approach is a good idea. the sodium-potassium balance is important. If this is unique to sex, try putting your legs in a different position.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:17

Thanks guys...

It is only sex related, but I will try the increasing potassium intake ...

I'll let you know if I still get them after trying a few different posistions.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:17

Well, I thought that I'd give you all an update on the cramp thing considering someone posted something similar recently. I'm still getting them, how ever they have become a bit sporadic (sorry if thats the wrong spelling)

for example, I still get them when I'm going to orgasm ... But its usually when I'm being fingered / masterbating. The cramps are no where near as bad when I'm actually having sex. However, that doesnt mean that I dont get them while I'm having intercourse.

Then just to mix it all up a bit, I had a weekend (I had sex about 5) a few weeks ago where I didnt cramp once. All I can put this down to is the fact that I had exercised (and worked) a little more than usual that week and I usually spend my weekdays at a desk.

Just another side note, I passed on what you both said above to my guy, but it doesnt make him feel any better. So I have promised that I'll bring it up when I go to get my pill renewed in about a months time. I'll let you know what she says.


Posted: 02 Oct 20:18

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