OP: Being in love at 14?

Do you think it's possible to be in love at the age of 14? and I don't mean puppy love or infatuation. I mean feeling real love.. at age 14?

Dirrty LiL Duckie

Posted: 30 Sep 22:33



love/passion is caused by a hormone inbalance in your head, as soon as you are old enough to produce those chemicals, you can feel the crush, infatuation, whatever you want to call it.

Understanding what true friendship is, is something that usually takes most of your teens. Every year you go through, you will redefine what you consider the definition to friendship to be.

To answer your question, you can find what you consider to be love at age 14, but odds are by the time you are 16, you will look back and think what was I thinking... I'm not saying you should drop the guy, just keep in mind that he is most likely the first of many men that you will date and fall in love with over your life.

cool macs

Posted: 30 Sep 22:33

I believe that teenagers are definitely capable of feeling true love, maybe even more so then adults. They dont have all the problems and hassles to worry about and they are just able to focus on their feelings. Good Luck


Posted: 30 Sep 22:34

i completely desagree with this post.
First of all, teenagers have tons of problems, and many of them are pertty much related with been a teenager, like size, shape, color, race, sex. Some teenagers are not even sure if they are ment to be a man or a women, some other aren't sure if they are in love with their best friend, who happens to be of the same gender.
How can a 15yr old boy knows if that hot feeling he gets in his pants is love , when the hot blonde teachers bends over to his desk? or maybe it's just a rush of hormons going thru his penis.

i'll go with what cool macs said, i think that's a golden post.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:34

Hey Duckie, this is actaully an outstanding question and I don't think many of us have ever really thought about it. I'm gonna go off the cuff and give you a stream of consciousness response from this "old man."

I love my wife, my children, and my extended families. I loved my high school and college sweethearts. But the love that I have for each of them is . . . different.

With a partner, I think that love is very much physical and emotional. When those two are in perfect balance, you have true love. One can feel that they're in love, but there are implicit boundaries to the love. Once those boundaries are breached, one has given him or herself fully to their partner. I'm talking about emotional boundaries, not physical.

Some of Nicholas' posts are a good example to what I'm trying to explain. Clearly he was or is in love with his girlfriend, yet he's had a difficult time getting over some of the emotions that he's dealing with- her perceived successes and his perceived lack thereof.

Do I think a 14-year old can be in love? Yes. Do I think it's the type of love that can sustain the pressures, emotions and physical changes of the teenage years? Only in the rarest of people.

I won't call it puppy love, but I don't believe that it is the love that I have in my heart for my wife and children. And before anyone of the teenagers here say that I can't know how much you love your b/f or g/f, please remember that I've already been through these confusing times myself.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:34

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