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You hear loads of stories about people who have had really bad experiences with threesomes. i'm all for it, but my partner is a bit concerned. i don't mind another woman or man, as long as its all good fun, but has anyone really done it? no lies, or fantasies, real people who have really had the fun. How did it turn out and would you do it again?

Madam C

Posted: 03 Oct 21:57


i'm 43, and since i beame sexually active at teh age of 17, i have had probably 30 or more 3ways.

Some have been incredible, others have been less than memorable..but all had a few things in common:

1) Remember, its just sex, and don't let emotions get involved
2) You have to be prepared to see your partner having sex with another person and he/she has to as well..
3) You both have to WANT it EQUALLY. If you force your other half to do a 3way he/she wont' really enjoy it and it will cause problems down the road
4) Safe sex of course
5) Don't do last minute 3ways....get to know the other person/s. You don't want to be surprised to find out that he has no teeth, or is a drug addcit AFTER you are in bed.
6) You MUST play with everyone equally! I don'tcare if it's a MFM, MMM, FMF.....everyone's got to get attention or it won't work
7) If you are the couple, you both need to agree on the kind of third u will both be comfortable!

hope this helps!


Posted: 03 Oct 21:58

RawBob made all very good points and should be remembered.

I have been in a threesome relationship for about 6 months now. Her man is with us too but he don't play with anyone but her so I don't count him really.

We were very picky about the couple we wanted and met them first to make sure we all hit it off. They have become great friends and when we get together it is always a great time.


Posted: 03 Oct 21:58

surely though, if it is two women and a man, most of the attention would be on the man.
what about two men and a woman? who should have the attention?
most men would not even concider having a threesome ( a proper one!) with another man, too scared or shy, therefore, the woman would get most of the attention, and both men would have to work equally hard.
not that i have any objections with that, but as you stated, it should be an equal and fair thing for all concerned.
thanks loads for your advice, i shall bear it all in mind.

Madam C

Posted: 03 Oct 21:59

Rawbob's tips are right on target.
speaking as the girl in my 2 guy 1 gal 3 way,
everyone gets attention, and there is no pressure for anyone to do anything or anyone they don't want to.
it's hard to find the right guys but if you do, it's the best thing ever. The way I negotiated it,
I am the center of attention but everyone is satisfied and happy. they don't have penetration sex with each other, just oral.
I think it's really important to make sure everyone is clear as to the dynamics of the situation.
And definately keep your emotions in check.
another thing I notice is that everything runs smoother if you have no expectations.


Posted: 03 Oct 21:59

My boyfriend and I have been involved in one orgie. There were a couple of guys there and then three of us girls. Things went well and we're still really close with the people involved. From that experience, I learned that first and foremost, set your own personal boundaries. Do what is comfortable for you and don't let people make you feel pressured because they are doing more than you. Also, as the first response said, it is just sex. Keep that in mind. Forming emotional bonds can be dangerous to everyone involved. Third, talk with your partner about issues surrounding it before it happens. For example, I had no problem with my partner having sex with the other girls, but I did want to be the one asleep in his arms at the end of the night. I made that clear and everything went smoothly. We're looking forward to another one ;) much love, robin


Posted: 03 Oct 22:00

I have had several 3ways but only with the same girl (my bff) and her bf. It started in college. The first time was a summer at my house hanging out. It started with us showing him our lap dance skills. Kinda awkward at first being that we were both in short shorts, but she was first to take hers off, so she kinda broke the ice. It's not like he had not seen me in a bikini, we were very comfortable with each other. The awkward part was when he took off his cargos and I sat on him. He had on boxers so as he leaned back, IT was on his belly and I was grinding on him. The surprise for him was finding out her and I were into each other. Somthere was a lot of ice breaking when he said he wanted to fuck me, taking it out of his boxers.

Posted: 11 Apr 20:48

Rawbob is right, it would have never happened had I not been friends with him. It might not have happened if she wasn't okay with it, because I was not at first. But with some breast touching encouragement from her that it was all in fun. There's also the trust issue.. I was on the pill, as was she, but this was not planned and we had unprotected sex. I was 19 and in my sophomore summer. The last time was two years ago for his birthday. I was 24 then, do the math....

Posted: 11 Apr 20:59

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