OP: What's with all the ass to mouth in porn?

OK this is what makes me crazy furious. So much so that it is hard for me now to even watch porn because I am so disgusted.

I am talking about when they show anal sex and then go right into a shot of the woman giving the guy a blow-job.

It is the grossest thing I have ever seen not to mention extremely dangerous to do that.

Now I am fully aware that it is all done cleanly and with editing. However I don't believe that young people especially who view this understand the danger of this kind of practice.

Having anal sex requires the upmost in sanitary caution. Bad enough that these movies show no use of a condom but to go straight to oral sex is just stupid and irresponsible if you ask me.

There I have been wanting to vent and I guess I did.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:12


Morning Tessie......feel better? I HOPE SO!

Yea..i've always wondered about that myself. As you know i'm gay, and so all the porn i usually watch includes anal sex...and i'll tell ya, i have more than one where a guy has gone right from the anal to oral.

So, i asked a friend of mine who's in gay porn (he live in south beach)...and he says, it's not "uncommon"...because the actors really "douch" alot and some guys are into that (aka: scat)..and know that it's just a possiblity.

Personally, i havne't engaged it in.....but i have had a 3way where one guy was intoit alot.

I do agree tho, that porn should have some warnings or notices on hygene and safe sex issues!

I'll add one more rant....Don't you hate it when in an "anal" scene (gay, bi or st8 video).....the scene goes from oral or vaginal sex, and the next thing u know...this guy with a 9" cock is just thrusting his cock in his/her ass? I mean, thats's how folks get the wrong impression about anal.....it's not like the vagina where you can be a bit more "spontaneous" about sex.....EVERYONE who has anal (Even hardcore bottoms) need a bit of warming up and have to go slow!

What do you think?


Posted: 01 Oct 21:12

Ya know Tessie maybe this is where a lot of my reservations actually come from. My husband and I do like to watch porn together and I have to say that I've thought the same thing all along too. Completely unsafe and unsanitary I really don't think that there are any precautions that can even slightly make that safe.
YOur not alone on this issue Tessie!


Posted: 01 Oct 21:12

Tessie since I watch mostly gay porn condoms are usually very prevalent. Although I do admit they- for the most part- show someone starting to insert his penis (unclad) and the next thing you know you can see that he has on a condom...GRRR. But I guess these aren't public service announcements so just like in shows on tv, you don't always see the tedious stuff.

What bothers me more than anything is in straight porn they NEVER seem to wear condoms. What? These women can't get pregnant?? Or catch STDs?? And what message does THAT send out? If you've watched the news lately, you may have seen that there is a BIG HIV scare throughout the straight porn industry. Gay people, for the most part, learned this a while ago. Sex can be dangerous. ALL sex.

Most gay porn does come with a warning at the beginning. I've even seen a few that did demos on how to put on a condom.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:13

straight porn also has warnings about safe sex. But come on its in the beginning and who reads that stuff. I have seen a few where you see condoms being used and it never turns me off. I like it because then I feel like its more real life then.

Oh this is my other major pet peeve with the porno. They make anal look like the easiest thing in the world and that the woman just loves it and has no problem getting it in.

This is one of my main reasons for not liking porn now. The industry has it in mind now that all straight people want to watch anal sex. My hubby has a hard time finding ones that anal is not the main theme of the video.

That is why we watch lesbian videos. Much more of the stuff I like in those.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:13

I agree Tessie....as far as porn goes..i like the WEBCAM and total amateru videos.

I dont' care about the quality or sound or music....i'd rather see 2 people who KNOW each other on video then total strangers....i guess thats why i like the webcam so much. Its real!

I've even gotten into video exchanges with other couples....now THAT IS HOT!


Posted: 01 Oct 21:13

I have a porn where the guy goes from anal to her mouth atleast once, if not more. And then a couple times, while he's fingering her anus, he takes the fingers out and goes straight to her mouth, and that seriously just makes me want to gag.

I enjoy porn, I do, but there are somethings that just make me sick, and that's one of them. lol.
I swear, when my guy tries anal on me soon, I'm going to have a rag with soap and water right next to me just to wipe his dick down when he's done. lol.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:14

lol yeah or some babywipes
also another thing ive seen is they go from vaginal to anal to vaginal like its nothing.
true you never see what they might edit out but thats just eww.
the oral after anal is a definetly gross out i mean really.
oral after vaginal is one thing but i can't imagine doing the other.
i saw one clip where a guy had two girls on their hands and knees and he was doing anal on them and he was just going back and forth between the 2.
on the comment about how they seem to just jump right into anal. have you seen some of the girls anuses??... its just a gaping hole. its so weird. like that don't have an asshole anymore just a 1-2 inch wide hole. are they constantly losing their bowels lol sorry if i grossed anyone out lol.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:14

I'm rather new, so just catching up on here.... I know this post is now 8 months old but it should be noted that it's all perception. Although it's very very Irresponsible, these shots of going from anal to mouth are NOT real. It's called video editing. Take for example a knife fight scene. It's choreographed and edit it to get the effect they desire.
So what it looks like, isn't what it really is, but what they want you to see or think.

Also I might add that most shots of unprotected sex is file footage. They have paid couples, married or lovers to have unprotected sex where they are only shooting close shots. Theynuse it repeatedly and it can be purchased through stock houses. It's like a scene showing Grand Central Station in NYC, when actually it's penn station in LA. Or Philly.

Posted: 17 May 13:40

So I love ass to mouth, ok we make sure that hygiene is our number one priority but myself and my girl both love tasting and eating both the pussy and the ass of eachother. We have had threesomes with guy's in the past where one or both of us have received a penis in our ass and we will still suck him off. I'ts ok if you know what you are doing. Me and my gf are both nurses so hygiene is something we know about

Posted: 15 Mar 01:32

Hey there. Though I'm a newbie here, I'm not a newbie in other sorts of things, if you know what I mean. I totally agree, it's not the safest practice out there, especially if it's not done with the utmost caution and cleanliness. Anyway I love big booty porn. But still it's important for young people, especially, to understand the risks and dangers associated with certain sexual practices, and to make informed decisions about what they do and don't want to engage in. Anyway, thanks for venting and sharing your thoughts on this topic.

Posted: 01 Mar 14:42

If you're looking for safer alternatives or content that emphasizes responsible practices, I'd recommend checking out websites like 4pig, where you can find a variety of porn videos that prioritize safe and consensual experiences. Remember, it's always okay to prioritize your own well-being and to seek out content that aligns with your values.

Posted: 20 Feb 09:45

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