OP: Does "BJ" Breath exist?

First of all I think this board is really cool , and i wanted to ask yall something. I kinda flirt and fool around with this dude I work with and I was flirting with him one day and ended up fooling around and going down on him and giving him head for about 40 mins,( I didn't swallow) anyways after work I drove over to my best friends house ( I tell her everything) and I told her I performed oral sex at work and she told me to use her mouth wash and to rinse out my mouth and to take a mint because if i didn't my boyfriend (who I live with) would know I had oral sex because he would be able to smell my "blow job" breath. Is there a such thing as blow job breath? Would my boyfriend be able to tell I gave someone head by just talking to me or would he have to kiss or deep kiss me ? Just curious thanks


Posted: 01 Oct 22:43


Not to my knowledge- and I have some experience in this area {lol}- unless maybe the guy had a strong musky or masculine odor about him. But that could be taken care of by just washing up, and I'm not even sure another (straight) guy would notice.

More likely: When I was still in to such things as married men, I was with a guy once and we "fooled around" and when I saw him the next day, he wanted to know what cologne I used. It seems he didn't really wear any and his wife noticed the smell of mine on him. With, what I think was, quick thinking he told her he'd had a business meeting and since he couldn't take a shower he went through the mall and spritzed himself with cologne but didn't know which one. lol Aah...the dangers of sneaking around...


Posted: 01 Oct 22:43

Blowjob breath...no......body odors yes!

The "morals" of what you did not withstanding, it's very likely that if you were to kiss your boyfriend soon after performing oral sex on another man for nearly 40 minutes, that the sweat and smell of his groin area would be on your mouth and lip area. While not "disgusting" in and of itself, there's a good chance that your boyfriend my detect that and wonder why you kinda smell like an armpit by your mouth!

Oh, guys, same applies for you. Remember, its the groin. Hot, sweaty and hairy (unless you shave, but even then there will be a smell).

So, ifyou're gonna cheat, you're going to have to cover your tracks - but it's a slippery slope you're on!


Posted: 01 Oct 22:44

After Rawbob's comments on morality and "slippery slopes", I thought I might come back and add something.

I hope everyone is aware that is possible to contract STDs from oral sex. So if you are in a relationship and "fooling around" outside of it, if you aren't playing safe-this means at least a condom, then you are endangering not only yourself but also your significant other. And even with a condom, you are taking away their choice as to whether or not they have a secure relationship.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:44

Yes, it is very real. A medical explanation: Semen has a very characteristic flavor and smell. Any of us women are aware of that. The lining of the mouth, as the lining of the vagina, is mucous membrane and is very absorbent. What is absorbed goes into the bloodstream. There are women who, thirty minutes or so after vaginal intercourse, can taste semen and it is sometimes noticeable on their breath. While I have never experienced this phenomenon, if I give head in the evening, no matter how much I brush and gargle, I will have a slight semen taste in the morning. Ever notice that if you get up to pee in the night after sex, things smell a bit different than just your girl smells?

I, too, will ignore the other dimensions of the question because I have no idea what the nature of your relationship is with your boyfriend but I can assure you that you are not the first woman to ever double up in one day!


Posted: 01 Oct 22:44

they didn't touch on the topic, but i'd sure like to. i'm not going to say anything's wrong or right though, because i don't know the circumstances are either.
I will pose a general question to the group rather *not pointing any fingers or accusing anyone of a wrongdoing*. What exactly is it that makes someone who is in a relationship decide to cheat on their significant other (especially if they're going to go home and be with that person that night)? I can understand (but still don't approve of IMO) when someone who has been away from their significant other for a while and feels they need someone. I can also understand those who have been married for a long time who are totally dissatisfied with their life because it has changed so much since the beginning, and it is so hard to get out of that marriage. I just simply do not understand why someone would go behind their bf or gf's back and commit sexual acts with another person (and yes, risk exposing themself and their partner to STDs, which is probably the worst part about doing this). If there's another person that you ("you" in general terms to mean anyone) are becoming involved with it is totally unfair to your current significant other to lead them on and make them believe everything is alright.
Please explain to me what the motivation behind such an action is. I really don't get it. IMO it is about the most cruel and evil thing that can be done in a relationship. (and i'm refering mostly to those relationships where there isn't really something wrong, it's just that one partner finds another and becomes attracted to them).
Sorry i might have seemed a bit heated here, it is just that I feel strongly about this. My gf was discussing possibly making our relationship nonexclusive, but even with open knowledge of it happening before the fact, i couldn't have dealt with her even dating, much less commiting sexual acts with another guy. if i were to learn about such happenings after the fact, it would make me insane.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:44

Okay, vagabondprince, I'll respond to you, but I don't know that I can provide much of an answer because I don't know why someone would "go behind their lover's back".

There are, however, all kinds of relationships out there. If both partners are comfortable with the idea of an open relationship, then I think that's fine for them. Several times when I've been in a relationship we've included a third person, and I've been the third in other relationships. I also have friends who have open relationships that allow each partner to "play" on their own- as long as they play "safe". One couple in such a relationship has been together for 30 years.

Of course, all these examples are in open and honest relationships. What you mean, I'm sure, is cheating. And, for me, there is no excuse for that: reasons- yes, excuses-no. If something is bad enough that you want to go outside your relationship on the sly, then you should either work on the relationship and fix what's wrong or end it.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:45

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