OP: After sex

What do you do after sex? When your laying there is there romantic pillow talk?
Do you critique the experience, pros n cons ?
Are you a cuddler, maybe spoon and touch?

Cuddling is my favorite, laying half on him playing with his penis, hoping for a soon second round, or third if he's up to it. I don't talk about it, other then to complement. I can talk with him during sex, make suggestions if needed. Love when he stays in me making out and expressing feelings. Girls, you know what I mean, feeling IT getting hard in you as you kiss n touch and move your hips just enough.

Posted: 09 Nov 17:37


Unlike it's more well known predecessor foreplay, afterplay is an art that needs attention especially in it's value!

Posted: 10 Nov 11:14

dont rush to take it out. just very gently move against each other. Sometimes he will get hard again.

But best is to cuddle up spoons, cock resting along her arse crack..... and sleep.
then wake up later, gently grope your partner, then slide in from behind for lazy sloppy seconds sex.

Posted: 17 Nov 13:59

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