OP: How to deal with semen leaking out after sex?

Hi everyone. Long time no post.

Got an excuse though, got married. :D

Anyways, got a question for the resident doctors and experienced people.

What can I do to avoid my sperm to get out of her vagina immediately after sex? As far as I know, this is not a disease related condition (may be mistaken though) but it really is getting on her nerves and making the cuddling after a bit messy and highly annoying.

So would know of anything that triggers it, is there a way of avoiding it?

alban lusitanae

Posted: 03 Oct 21:10


Welcome back to the Scottish Portuguee and congratulations on your marriage.

You cannot avoid the dripping. The semen, about 14ml or 1 Tablespoon, is ejaculated in a glob. It immediately begins to become liquid and will be completely liquid in 15 minutes or so. This makes it easier for the sperm to swim away. About half the semn is absorbed through the woman's vaginal walls and about half leaks out. There are up to 400 million sperm in each ejaculation so losing a few makes little difference.

This liquifying semen is responsible for the infamous "wet-spot" and can tickle and itch as it flows down the woman's crack and thighs. The best solution is to keep a stack of finger towels by the bed. It takes only a quick wipe to get in cuddling mode. One can be left in the "crack" as the drainage can continue for hours. This is one reason I do not like morning sex. I drain into my knickers all morning and need to change them. I hate to use panti-liners.

When it comes time to keep the sperm inside her for pregnancy, she should be on her back with legs raised; you withdraw slowly and carefully and she remain with her knees raised for twenty minute or so. This assures that her cervix is bathed in sperm giving them access to her uterus and then fallopian tubes.


Posted: 03 Oct 21:10

enjoy the messy bit. I love playing with her sticky pussy. perhaps she would like 'sloppy seconds' (Sex quickly after earlier sex, while she is still sticky.)

Posted: 25 Nov 17:26

there is only a few options i do believe with semen in your vagina, use condoms, no sex, get him to finish off with you stroking him befoer he cums to catch it into toilet paper / something else apart from inside you or find small pads which arent that big to get you throughout the day / night. its something you have to work out what is best for you and the husband, Brandye is correct with what she says, always helpful person

Posted: 09 Aug 06:23

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