OP: "Clitoris size?"

We always here about different sizes of penises/Dicks. what about the clit.All of my partners seem to have pretty much the same size. Do the differ in size.Are bigger ones more sensitive? Do they come out of the hood further? what about you sexdoess and brandye? you two seem to be active on this board. care to comment on your clit size? do little clits have a harder time getting stimulated?


Posted: 30 Sep 21:28


Yes, they differ significantly. It is unusual that a clitoris is visible without a good spread but they are sometimes encountered and usually a bit uncomfortable. They also differ a bit in their hood covering. Some are more exposed than others. Most stimulation of the usual clitoris is actually the rubbing of the hood up and down on the clitoris and not direct stimulation which can be painful.

In my experience in unstimulated women thay can run from almost undetectable to always having a slight protrusion. In the erect state they usually do not exceed a quarter inch and are usually less.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:28

just like every female vagina has it's own unique shape, the clitoris does too. some can be really small, others can be very large. some are hooded, some don't have much of a hood. it all depends on the woman.

I would imagine that the sensitivity of the clit also depends on the woman, not the size of the clit itself


Posted: 30 Sep 21:29

The exposure of the clitoris has more effect pn sensitivity than size does. When out of the hood, it is really sensitive. Roughly speaking, all the nerve endings in a penis are crammed into that relatively little thing. Direct clitoral stimulation can be very painful and an instant turnoff.

There stages of arousal indicated by the clitoris. The final stage, as climax approaches, is actually a withdrawal and, in some, almst a disappearance.

So it starts out under its hood and just a little bump, becomes aroused and peeks out and then withdraws still fully erect. At the time it retracts, it is very sensitive and seems to be protecting itself. This is one reson a woman pushes hard as orgasm approaches.

Guys sometimes go digging for it at this point and that is the wrong thing to do. Pressure not rubbing is needed.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:29

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