OP: Cock Ring Introduction

Erection rings are another toy that is well known to most. They follow the basic idea of the penis pump; blood in the penis is good. This toy helps to keep most of the blood flowing to his organ in it. It is easiest to put on an already erect penis and can be worn at the base of his shaft or include his scrotum as well. In order to determine the size of the erection ring, measure around the scrotum and penis or just around the shaft. You shouldn’t get a ring that is any smaller than this diameter. If you are unsure of the size needed, then go for an adjustable ring or one that is made of a more flexible material such as jelly.

The cock rings listed here are some of the most popular ones for comfort, feel, and looks. Single strap rings are a single strap (usually leather) that fasten around the penis and scrotum and are adjustable and easy to remove. A perfect starter for the beginner!

The solid ring is the one more stereotypically seen in sexually motivated movies. Made of plastic or metal, and are applied before an erection is achieved. They can be a little trickier to get on as they have no flex to them, and they can only be removed once the erection is lost.

The testicle spreader does just what its name implies; it spreads the testicles through the attachment of straps around each testicle. The straps then click onto the ring. Another similar ring is the testicle stretcher which elongates the scrotum and can be attached to a leash or small weights for extra pleasure or a bit of role playing. Ball stretchers will actually cause your fellows testicles to hang lower if used over a prolonged period.

Finally, the last and favorite of many is the vibrating ring. This one is a great toy for him and her all around. It is the same as the single strap erection ring but made from a firm jelly, and comes with a vibrating bullet that can be placed the tip of the penis, on the clitoris or at the base of the scrotum for added pleasure. No matter what type of ring you choose, it is important to remove the ring every 20 – 30 minutes to allow the blood to circulate through the penis so that the erectile tissues receive enough oxygen to remain healthy. An erection ring shouldn’t be used if you have any type of groin or genital injury. If your guy is on blood thinners, has a clotting disorder, or is diabetic, he should talk to his doctor before playing with erection rings.

The best thing about erection rings is that they can be put on in many tantalizing ways before they even conjure pleasure through their presence. It is easiest to start with a simple ring. You can put it on with your hands or your mouth. This does take some practice, but usually as long as you give him some pleasure in between trying, he won’t mind all of the extra attention. Hold the ring in your mouth between your lips and your teeth then slide your mouth down over his penis and use your tongue to help roll the ring onto his penis. Unless you have abnormally good muscle control in your tongue, it may need to be adjusted at the base with your hands. Once on, enjoy his prolonged erection in any way you want! If you are feeing adventurous, try a ribbed, studded or vibrating ring for some extra stimulation yourself. Whatever you do, have fun, and enjoy.

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