OP: Do virgins have periods?

Do virgins have periods?

Posted: 30 Sep 20:59


Yes. Menstruation can start at as early as eight or nine years old, regardless of whether or not the girl has had sex yet. As far as I know, the age at which a girl or woman loses her virginity has no impact on the age at which she has her first period.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:59

Yes, virgins do have periods. One has nothing whatsoever to do with the other. For your information I copied a previous post. I hope it helps.

The stages of puberty for a woman are basically as follows:

1 Age Range: Usually 8-11
In Stage 1 there are no outside signs of development, but a girl's ovaries are enlarging and hormone production is beginning.

2 Age Range: Usually 8-14. Average: 11-12
The first sign is typically the beginning of breast growth, including "breast buds." A girl may also grow considerable height and weight. The first signs of pubic hair start out fine and straight, rather than curly.

3 Age Range: Usually 9-15. Average: 12-13
Breast growth continues, and pubic hair coarsens and becomes darker, but there still isn't a lot of it. Your body is still growing, and your vagina is enlarging and may begin to produce a clear or whitish discharge, which is a normal self-cleansing process. Some girls get their first menstrual periods late in this stage.

4 Age Range: Usually 10-16. Average: 13-14
Pubic hair growth takes on the triangular shape of adulthood, but doesn't quite cover the entire area. Underarm hair is likely to appear in this stage, as is menarche. Ovulation (release of egg cells) begins in some girls, but typically not in a regular monthly routine until Stage 5.

5 Age Range: Usually 12-19. Average: 15
This is the final stage of development, when a girl is physically an adult. Breast and pubic hair growth are complete, and your full height is usually attained by this point. Menstrual periods are well established, and ovulation occurs monthly.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:59


That is an excellent update. Well done.

For younger women, I would like to add a bit of advice from both personal and professional perspectives. For the first several years of menstruating, the period tends to be quite erratic. My first one (at 12) was little more than spotting; two weeks later, a fairly full flow; then waited and waited. Over six weeks later, another one and then two weeks later and so on. Puberty and adolescence is a time of rebalancing hormones and it takes the body a while to get it right.

As long as the period is erratic, so is ovulation. When you read about when ovulation occurs, that is for a woman with her hormones stabilized and a regular period. Teens are at higher risk for unwanted pregnancy because you never know when they are fertile. You may even become pregnant during your period. Breast development is continuing and often women do not reach their full size until twenty or so. I added a full cup after I was 20. Other body development may be continuing as well - hips, shoulder slope, hair growth.

Teen women still need nutrients to assist in this continued growth. They need the same nutrients that a baby would need in their womb. Teen pregnancies take a serious toll on both mother and child because they are competing for the same food supply. The result is underweight babies and stunted mothers. Both have problems in ater life.

The development of the genitals, though invisible, is also important. At the beginning, the vaginal walls are rather thin and inelastic and dry. By the end of the several year process the walls of the vagina have thickened and become very elastic with a natural lubrication usually there in small amounts and lots more "on call." The vagina, then, is also maturing. The entrance of a penis may be no big deal early in maturation but getting a baby out through a rather non-stretchy vagina is a real problem.

Stallion has given you an excellent time-line. You notice how broad some of the ranges are because we each develop at our own rate. I thought I would never get breasts! And, more importantly, there are greater risks in sex than we think when our bodies seem to have matured.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:59

Age range of girls starting pubery is wide, some start at 9, others at 16.
Girls in less developed countries get puberty earlier, i think

Posted: 25 Nov 15:05

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