OP: Cumming inside

I have been with my boyfriend for a while now and i am using the pill. I want him to cum inside me but i would like to know what it feels like and where it will go. I dont want it running down my legs


Posted: 27 Sep 04:21


Hi...well....it's your body, so as long as you know that:
1) the pill is NOT 100% protection from conception
2) Does NOT offer any protection from other STD's

Should you decide to alow him to ejaculate into you, in most cases you would want to go to the bathroom or shower after sex. Some of his semen Will stay in you, and some will trickle out - alot depends on the amount of semen he ejaculates.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:21

A lot of times you don't really feel anything. IT most likely will sort of leak out of you, and it can actually run down your legs a bit. It is always a good idea to go to the bathroom right after, to flash out backteria from your urethra, and during that most of his semen will probably leak out. You mgiht want to have a box of tissues by your side just in case. And yes, pill is not 100% and does not protect you from STD. So think well before doing this.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:21

There are no nerves in the vagina. If you do feel his pumping it will be by your labia and not really inside you. Much of the semen will be absorbed and much will simply dribble out. As soon as he pulls out, wipe a bit and it is not objectionable. It is part of being a woman.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:21

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